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Color Correction on Face Swaps (by Keb)

By Keb
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Letís take a look at making an image look believable when we do a simple head swap. Color correction, perspective, brightness and contrast are very important when doing head swaps. I will try to explain to my best ability my process for a simple head swap in three parts. Part 1: Merging the Donor to the Source. Part 2: Color and Contrast Correcting. Part 3: Wrapping it all up.

Page 1: PART ONE: Selecting Good Source Images and Alignment

After you have decided on the head swap you want to make, go to Google and start searching for good images that fit your idea. The best advice I know of is starting with good quality images for the swap. That being said, this is where perspective comes into play. I have found most images can be corrected for color, brightness and contrast but perspective usually cannot be corrected. So try to choose images with the same perspective.

Let's start with this high-resolution image of Marilyn Monroe.

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