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Time for another cash-out of your credits!

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Time for another cash-out of your credits!

It's a beginning of a month, which means you can make a request for payment, if you have at least $5 worth of credits (100 credits = $5 USD). If you don't request payment for some month and accumulate credits; credits will not be lost, and you can ask for payment on the first of any future month.

Use this form to make a request (you will need to be logged in). Provide us with a paypal email where you want the payment to be sent.

If you don't have a PayPal account and want to request a wire transfer, use this form to let us know you want a wire, and we will email you back with the needed info. If you request a wire, remember that you will need to have at least $100 worth of credits, due to the wire fees we will incur.

(There are some temporary mail delivery issues for the members registered through yahoo accounts. If your messages bounce back, please let us know here and we'll get in touch.)

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Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

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