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Obama ... ...

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10/13/2009 7:08:37 PM
Status: Commander in Chief
Obama ... ...

...with Unicorns o_0

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10/13/2009 7:59:57 PM

Status: Commander in Chief
Obama or the artist must be going to Disneyland.

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"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -George Carlin

10/13/2009 10:05:14 PM
Status: Commander in Chief

On 10/13/2009 7:08:37 PM, Kellie said:
...with Unicorns o_0

So? ...He won the Peace Prize because they found him so dis-arming?
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10/14/2009 2:15:21 PM

Status: O'Reilly's Rebel

I love the fallout one and the fact that the unicorn gets cloths and Obama is still ... but has the pipboy.
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