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Site News

Time for another cash-out of your credits!
By NewsMaster @ 12/1/2016

It's a beginning of a month, which means you can make a request for payment, if you have at least $5 worth of credits (100 credits = $5 USD). If you don't request payment for some month and accumulate credits; credits will not be lost, and you can ask for payment on the first of any future month.

Use this form to make a request (you will need to be logged in). Provide us with a paypal email where you want the payment to be sent.

If you don't have a PayPal account and want to request a wire transfer, use this form to let us know you want a wire, and we will email you back with the needed info. If you request a wire, remember that you will need to have at least $100 worth of credits, due to the wire fees we will incur.

(There are some temporary mail delivery issues for the members registered through yahoo accounts. If your messages bounce back, please let us know here and we'll get in touch.)

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Paul Ross
By Hitspinner @ 10/29/2015 6:24:35 PM

Regretfully Paul Ross, a member of our FN Family passed away today. That is about all that has been made public so far. You can find his page on Facebook under Paul Ross. I believe his brother Steve is handling some things lift some of the burden from his wife

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Extended voting and submission for recent contests
By NewsMaster @ 6/12/2014 1:52:58 PM

As you have probably noticed the site suffered a massive downtime this Thursday (overall about 10 hours thought it was running for 2-3 minutes several times in between). The cause is still not fully known, but the technicians think it was possibly an attempt to hack into the server by sending massive number of login requests per second. We have strengthened the security settings in our firewall and made several tweaks in our site scripts to prevent this happening in the future.
The site is now running faster too (though it will likely be noticeable only to our international members, as the US connection used to be very decent even before the incident).

Due to the submission/vote times lost to downtimes we have extended the voting in the Hillary 2016 contest by 12 hours, and have extended the submission times in Flag Day and Celeb Fathers contests also by 12 hours.

The good (freaking) news is that we are back!

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Hitspinner wins 101st gold on his 60th birthday!
By NewsMaster @ 3/12/2014 5:47:53 PM

Guess it was written in the stars... Today, March 12, Hispinner won his 101st gold on his 60th birthday!!!

Double congratulations are in order!

Happy 60th Birthday, Tim! You know you rock, and so do those golden chops of yours!

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Site Upgrades & Submissions extended for "News in Pictures, January 13 - 19"
By NewsMaster @ 1/19/2014 6:02:37 PM

After a week of horrible connection issues with the current hosting company (though you may not have noticing them depending on your geo-location and ISP), this weekend we have moved to a new hosting company, and upgraded the server in the process. The site should be fast accessible from any parts of the world now.

Between porting the database (which takes time due to massive amount of data to be ported between two servers) and udgrades (some parts of the site like "submissions" needed to be completely rewritten because they no longer worked on the new platform) we've lost about 4 hours worth of data (votes, comments, and submissions) this Sunday.

To at least compensate for submissions issues, we have extended the submission time for "News in Pictures, January 13 - 19" by 12 hours.

The issues that still need to be fixed as of the time of this writing are:
1) Uploads to personal mail folders don't work
2) Stats graph bars don't work.

These two will be fixed on Monday.

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