Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg .

Funny Zuckerberg, Picked On The Wrong Women.

Zuckerberg, Picked On The Wrong Women.
Member reactions:
....Nicely Done, Hidden. The word "Creep" and the Trump logo add just the perfect spice to your image. Good Luck.
They look fierce. Flawless skin.
Amazing work with a detailed authentic look. Congrats on the Gold, Hobbit.

Funny Contractor Zuckerberg is removing blue material from logo

Contractor Zuckerberg is removing blue material from logo

Funny Mark Zuckerberg Warren Buffett

Mark Zuckerberg Warren Buffett

Funny Alfred E. Zuckerberg

Alfred E. Zuckerberg
Member reactions:
Something strande about his eyes. They look at different height.
Hahaha, helps that Facebook's CEO is a nerd.
It is an adaptation of MAD magazine, Luciano and captured well hahahaha

Funny Zuckerberg

Member reactions:
Thanks. This was an experiment that turned out pretty strange.

Funny Mark Zuckerberg's Christmas Card

Mark Zuckerberg's Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Celebrity suppose to be dressed as Santa for this contest.
Good one. Just add Santa's hat.
Aaaa yes, he of the software banned in China....

Funny Homeless Mark Zuckerberg

Homeless Mark Zuckerberg
I use this references in my work ..
Member reactions:
Awesome work - this is probably what happens after he donates almost all of his wealth to charity. I would correct English on his sign though: "Please donate a share" sounds better
NewsMaster .. Yeah but if the news in buzzfeed is right, he won't need any donate, who knows. and thanks for the correction ..Can I edit entry now or what. This is the correction
Congrats on the silver, mrassad. I will load the edited version for you by tomorrow. You can edit before the voting ends any time too.
hobbit90 : Thank you for the nice comment
NewsMaster : thanks NewsMaster

Funny Mark Zuckerberg Downloading his Baby

Mark Zuckerberg Downloading his Baby
Mark Zuckerberg shares touching photo with pregnant wife Priscilla Chan
Member reactions:
Sorted the link

Funny Mark Zuckerberg's Baby

Mark Zuckerberg's Baby
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan Welcome Their 1st Child. See Pic, Emotional Post
Member reactions:
I'd love to see the sources.

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