Marlboro Whiskey
Marlboro Whiskey
Marlboro Whiskey. Marlboro Whiskey...
Member reactions:
Nice fit, but lose the white inside the bottle, and flatten her fingers to hold the bottle.
Your style is not extended to the bottle.
Your style is not extended to the bottle.

Funny Sir, I can't find Blue Label Whisky Mama presented me for X's

Sir, I can't find Blue Label Whisky Mama presented me for X's
Sir, I can't find Blue Label Whisky Mama presented me for Christmas.
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This is hilarious... even dogs love to drink

Funny Tested with whisky and beer. Certainly he is not Irish.

Tested with whisky and beer. Certainly he is not Irish.
Please skip vote if you are not Irish or don't drink.
Member reactions:
Poor Trump, that's what happens when you're not a drinker, congrat on the win.
So that's what they do in Washington DC .... Congratulationsss Wanderer...
Thank you, Preemiememe. ... and not only in Washington DC ...................

Funny Saint Amy Winehouse with a Bottle of Whiskey

Saint Amy Winehouse with a Bottle of Whiskey
news story
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yes what's the author.. boh i don't know, but for me is one of the best pictures in this contest
.....I mean new wallpaper......yoink
Congrats, Slick. Powerful image. Glad to see you on the golden podium again.

Funny Angels Drinking Whiskey

Angels Drinking Whiskey
Member reactions:
hey there buddy. i really like your work here. if i were to give an advise, i would try on getting those light beams and giving a good causian blur on them. this way it wont have too many sharp edges and will look a bit better. i would also lower a bit of the opacitty on the'll nottice when doing so that they will merge perfectly with the original image color and even texture. other than this good luck to you.
Hidden, your work is awesome. Witty and clever but NOT MEAN. Some amazing work appears on this site but winds up spoiled because of the mean-spirtedness. Your little angels are JUST the right touch. Your little guy rolling his eyes back and seeing the birds flying puts me back to younger days. . You KNOW he's about to barf.
I never saw anyone add the lower part to this composition. This one looks very clever and Hilarious. I'd soften the edges of the rays though, as PSH suggests

Funny Sherlock Harry Potter Whisky

Sherlock Harry Potter Whisky
Please full view... Source
Member reactions:
The face is flat note in certain areas, it seems that is an illustration. Also if the table is flat because the calendar is inclined.
I do not agree. I think the jaw is a bit flat. Nice work.
. Taita: all right and thanks Dodge:Thanks
The pictures have been the assigned to the neck. Not much, just a little. Hereto is the image of the source, Thanks for the comments Taita
If he hawks Port wine he would be Harry Porter
Thanks kratos .
It's a relly cool chop & idea; but the reflections on the table need work. When something is reflected on a flat surface, the reflection goes straght down, not off at a odd angle. Otherwise, it looks rally cool.
Nice work Amadeus. The shadows will kill you every time but, keep on keepin' on.
It's Elementary, my Dear Watson - Amadeus gets the bronze. Congrats.
that was cool amadeus COngrats on the bronze keep on roll ...

Funny Peter Falk Whiskey Advert

Peter Falk Whiskey Advert
Member reactions:
Columbo doesn't need any help () disremembering things ... Mr. Falk is a great actor. Excellent chop.

Funny Gary Busey Playing Guitar on Whiskey Bottle

Gary Busey Playing Guitar on Whiskey Bottle
Do NOT drink and drive. It's bad for Everybody's Health ...
Member reactions:
The caption really says it all. Please, don't even think about drinking and driving. 122 Proof...... 3 shots of that and you're on the floor
First thing I noticed was the switch from the LP to the reconstructed Tele Great job, strange, hahahah but a great job.
look at who's the model. He was great in "Point Break"
Great work kakaana keep up highing friend

Funny Ant with Bottle of Whiskey

Ant with Bottle of Whiskey
Member reactions:
roadrunner ... welcome back my friend , great work as always keep up nice chopping

Funny Chicken with Whiskey on the Road

Chicken with Whiskey on the Road
Member reactions:
Let the chase begin. Love the whole composition. especially the light and shadow work
This is great, I love the lighting everywhere but especially on the bottle, good luck old bean...
And the bird is already marianated... Both look delicious Nice work here...
A contest like this one is why Freaking News is my home page.
Congrats on the silver AZ. I'll have to drink to that, . I thought this was KIR's work. You have a great sense of humor. The KFC truck is hillarious. The wild rooster bourbon looks pretty good too.
Always fantastic work, AZ. I think this is the first contest I ever squeezed ahead of you. See, there is a God.... Maybe it's luck. Great silver....
Excellent work as always, AZ. Congrads on the silver and Brawnz. I am reather shocked to sneak in ahead of you. I am not sure but I think this might be a milestone.
Thanks all Beware of colonels in semis. HS: I love it when others kick my arse. There was no luck in your win, that was a unique creation and worthy of a gold.
SomethingOdiferous. Silver congrats, AZ. You certainly know how to chop chickens.
Congrats, AZrainman this was nice one like always
Congrats AZR. Love your 2 winners in this contest.
Double congrats and hats off AZ. Oh, there are some memories of wild turkey from back in the day..... Great work.

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