Trouble Ahead
Trouble Ahead
Trouble Ahead. What if the world was flat after all.
Member reactions:
Great poster for the Flat Earth Society. LoL Fantastic original view.
Beautiful image, congrats on the silver, Lunac.
Gorgeous...... Deserves the gold in my book. Did you create the waterfall with the smudge tool by pulling down. It looks like a digital illio technique. It's excellent chopping LC. Congrats.

Funny Donald Double Trouble Trump

Donald Double Trouble Trump
Member reactions:
LoL ears, clean job, Dinlig.

Funny Nemo In Trouble

Nemo In Trouble

Funny In time, washed windows will help you avoid trouble!

In time, washed windows will help you avoid trouble!
Member reactions:
Why first time picture was removed from contest.
In time, washed windows can save your life.
I suppose you are right hahahaha Congrats on the wood, Andrew

Funny Darn, Trouble Eating

Darn, Trouble Eating
Member reactions:
In retrospect, this should have gotten a cup, hands down.

Funny Adrift Over Troubled Water

Adrift Over Troubled Water
Member reactions:
andwhat scores a great cup with a great chop. Really engaging.
Very well done. Congrats on the bronze in a tough competition...
Wonderful art work. Congrats winning the Bronze AW.
Congrats on your win, I love that shark, it's that eye you used, so darn cute.
Congrats, Debbie. Beautiful image and idea. Love the Dog's expression.

Funny Merkel in troubles

Merkel in troubles
Immigrants, from east... immigrants from west....immigrants from south....

Funny Dr. Oz In Trouble

Dr. Oz In Trouble
The faculty of Columbia University Medical School wants Dr. Oz removed because they feel he's been pushing quack remedies
Member reactions:
Hey, that's a fake product ... I happen to know "BM" loves to fart
Inventor "BM". Seriously, Dr. Oz has been endorsing some unverified stuff in the last years. Makes me think he was paid to do it.
Duuuh huh. The guy is making a fortune off endorsement whether under the table or on the up and up. Guys at that level don't even phart without getting paid. Good chop Doc. Congrats
Thanks, everyone. Of course he was paid, Newsy.

Funny Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble

Snoop Dogg Gets Cop In Trouble
Texas Cop Psych Evaluated Snoop Dog causes Texas Cop to get psychological reprogramming
Member reactions:
Super Chopp'n, Hidden. The news story makes about as much sense as a child being expelled from school for carving a gun shape out in the pizza crust he's eating. The trooper posed for a photo with a celebrity FGS.
Congrats Tim. Awesome work and excellent caricature...One of the best to date that I've seen from you.
Thanks Dan, apparently the judges disagreed . Appreciate the votes folks
Just love your chops, fantastic work, congrats on the win.
Wild chopping with great art skills, mister. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Euro Disney Is In Financial Trouble

Euro Disney Is In Financial Trouble
Euro Disney faces its 2nd bail out in three years
Member reactions:
Great satire here. I love how you did the Mickey's stubble
Had fun with this one, Newsy.

Funny Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Two headed monsters from fairy tales and myths may have roots in real encounters with two-headed animals which are rare but not unheard of. The condition is called Polycephaly and originates from Greek words Poly (multiple) and Kephali (head). Two-headed snakes are specially caught in India for studies of their preying and mating behavior. Photoshop two-headed animals or people. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Two-headed shark has been found in Florida. Is this the case of double trouble, or the case of "two heads are better than one"? Photoshop two-headed animals or people.

Funny Animal Causing Trouble

Animal Causing Trouble
Create images of any animal causing chaos, trouble or problems for people.

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