Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh
Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh
Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh.

Funny Tony Montana Shooting a Water Pistol

Tony Montana Shooting a Water Pistol
Look Out. He's got a... toy. Man with fake gun disrupts Dutch broadcaster NOS
Member reactions:
Just clipped it from the alternate ending.

Funny Tony Abbott Shearing Vladimir Putin

Tony Abbott Shearing Vladimir Putin
Putin walks out of G20 summit 'to sleep'

Funny Tony Blair with Double Vision

Tony Blair with Double Vision

Funny Lady Gaga Sings a Duet With Tony Bennett

Lady Gaga Sings a Duet With Tony Bennett
Lady Gaga teams up with Tony Bennett to record an album of Jazz duets
Member reactions:
Nice job, hidden ... What, Tony wears a toupee. (Lol) Although, Gaga is 5' 1 and Tony is 5' 7 ... Those must be about 18" heels she's wearing.
You've got that right, QMS. Only YOU would look up their respective heights. .
Thanks, hidden ... I'll take that as a compliment on my attention to detail P.S. Sorry for the delayed response, I was waiting to see if you were going to edit your response again
Excellent costume worn... Gaga looks like creating a new Saga Funny to see the table used by Bennett to match up her height
Excellent Nice wings. Smart thinking. Well done
Hair could be pasted with waterproof Bandage just a suggestion Best way to equalizer the height and sound with wooden cartoon and mic Awesome work I Love It
Great idea about the box - Tom Cruise could have used one too. I like the taped toupee too

Funny Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder

Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder
The Queen of England needs someone to wind up her clocks. I don't think Tony Blair has anything else to do.
Member reactions:
Wind her clocks. Is that what they call it these days.
So, I see the Queen wears red underwear, Very funny. Excellent Job.
Winding thousand clocks every day is really a He-Man Job and the attractive pay package of $50000.00 per year awesome money for this odd job
Thanks, everyone. Sorry to disappoint you, Newsy, but I found all these clocks as is.
Congrats on the win, Paul. It's great job anyways. Look at the Queen's undies, .
CONGRATS...funny and looks like it took a lot of TIME
Thanks, Newsy...couldn't resist the undies. Thanks, DDB.
Congratulations on the 3fer Paul. Your the King of Freaky News
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. I'm more like the "Court Jester," Splat.

Funny Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Ray Liotta Mixed with Tony Curtis

Funny Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair in American Gothic Painting

Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair in American Gothic Painting
Member reactions:
That is Tony Blair, Labour leader. David Cameron is the current leader of the Conservative Party. Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative.
Sorry, I was trying my hand at humor. I guess it backfired. I was commenting on the fact that Hidden Author opted to show Blair, but left Cameron out...even though Cameron is implied in the title of the piece. Was this an error, or is there some sort of subtle irony here.
Awesome.... Great job done in this makeover ... the Gothic couple looks great with new faces Maggie looks awesome like it
Lol. Maggie would turn in her grave at being linked with Tony Blair. They were on opposite sides politically. It is like putting Obama and Condolezza Rice together. Nice chop and the thought was there.

Funny George Bush and Tony Blair Sherifs

George Bush and Tony Blair Sherifs
tony blair and george bush starring....please view in Hd

Funny Tony Danza Throws Up On Plane

Tony Danza Throws Up On Plane
Tomy Danza Throws Up On Plane

Funny Remembering Tony Scott

Remembering Tony Scott
Tony Scott lived his professional life in the fast lane, directing heart-pounding hits such as Top Gun (1986), Days of Thunder (1990) and Unstoppable (2010). But that came to a sudden and shocking end Sunday afternoon when the British-born director and producer, the younger brother of director and producer Ridley Scott, jumped from Los Angeles County's Vincent Thomas Bridge into the Los Angeles Harbor. Tony Scott's battle with inoperable brain cancer may have driven him to suicide. Although six years younger than brother Ridley, Tony Scott, 68, was the first of the family members to break into the Hollywood community. His first large-scale attempt, the vampire film The Hunger starring David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, was a flop in 1983. But after Top Gun (1986), Scott, known for his trademark red baseball cap, became one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. Then came Beverly Hills Cop II, Days of Thunder, The Last Boy Scout, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Déjà Vu, The Taking of Pelham 123, and Unstoppable. RIP Tony, you will be missed. To pay tribute to Tony Scott, photoshop him or any of his movies.

Funny Tony Hayward's Next Job

Tony Hayward's Next Job
Amid the growing public anger on how BP handled the gulf oil spill disaster, the company is axing its chief executive Tony Hayward, who is seen as a key figure to blame. Among the main Hayward's mistakes in the gulf oil spill are - he originally underestimated the disaster, he did not make sure the company acted in timely manner, and the worst of it yet - he took many days off to sail on his personal yacht, while he should have been busy handling the gulf cleanup campaign. Commenting on his his departure from the BP CEO position, Hayward said in his defense that BP acted as a "model of corporate social responsibility". BP paid Tony Hayward $20 mil compensation package. What's the man gotta do now? Photoshop Tony Hayward's next job.

Funny Tony Blair

Tony Blair
This Thursday in England Tony Blair announced his resignation as leader of the Labour Party and started a 50 day countdown to his resignation as prime minister post in July. He plans to come back to law practicing and become a goodwill ambassador to Africa. That's what poor Africa needs right now - more lawyers. This will mark the end of ten years he's held the office. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Tony Blair any way you like. An example may be showing what he will do next, after he resigns as prime minister. Feel free to use paintings, or photos as your sources.

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