Funny Free Eggs Today

Free Eggs Today
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Thank you Hobbit. I was rushing to get him finished and I'm still tweaking, hope I don't goof him up.
I'm happy you like it Crafty. He's a Dird, naturally. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly Chicken to be specific
awesome creature, splat. great background, too. congrats.
Thank you very much Jere.., and Andrew. I was hoping being a little different would help
Grats on the woody, hey, I recognize that dog. Lol
Thanks DD. Yeah...When I saw your excellent post I stopped looked for a different source but nothing fit quite as good.
You do this long enough you realize that we're all using the same sources and since the search engines only want to show us pay source sites it don't leave us much anymore. It's gotten real bad.

Funny Yesterday teenagers, today presidents!

Yesterday teenagers, today presidents!
Sorry it's disgusting
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The snot looks like something else Hidden.
Crafty said it..... Hahahahahahahahahaha nice job.

Funny He has stomach problem today as usual

He has stomach problem today as usual

Funny Elvis Today

Elvis Today

Funny Moscow Today

Moscow Today
Vodka Putinka.
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop, but it does not use the provided photo as this particular contest asked for. Therefore we moved it into a Freak Show contest which has an open theme

Funny Old John John Today

Old John John Today
Member reactions:
Decent work, though still looks more like Al Pacino than John I think

Funny Russia and Putin According to Russian Press Today

Russia and Putin According to Russian Press Today
Russian News only for one day.
Member reactions:
Nicely chopped, but the composition gets a bit crowded. Who is the guy in front.
Long time to do, long time to read, long time to understand.
Alex Grishin - Newspaper columnist from Russia.
Whew ambitious chop, mate. Hey are you from the Ukraine.
Ahhh you seem to be very tuned in, culturally savvy, much more than me. I am a bit limited to the EU News I get over here in the US.

Funny Jay Leno on the Today Show

Jay Leno on the Today Show
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature, did he leave the denture at Home .
Lol. To see in the today show, get up early.
Luciano, it must me true.

Funny Quit Smoking Today Ad

Quit Smoking Today Ad
It takes far too many from this world.....
Member reactions:
Clever composition and I like the message here.

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