Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest
Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest
Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest. This show is on fire.
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Excellent work, and thanks for reminding of Blue Man Group.

Funny Satya Nadella in Tibet

Satya Nadella in Tibet

Funny Tibet Censorship at the Olympics

Tibet Censorship at the Olympics
China to censor Internet coverage of Olympics CNN
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Wonderful work. Love the job done on the duct tape. And the blood spatter outline of the Beijing Olympics Logo.
When I looked at the story it got blocked after a couple of seconds...
I think the PRC has taken control of the "airwaves". I believe the same thing happened last night and again just now.
There was an article in the forums about duct taping mouths recently. Someone has the technique down. Nice one. Love the detail too.
I just tried the link 11:55 A.M PST August 4. Didn't work. Now I AM scared
Well done and a good message. What's the message. That duct tape is good for just about everything. Congrats RM
congratssssssssssss.. i didnt know this was you,,,
Thanks all The message is....(silence)...
Congrats on a powerful and very moving image. Kudos and congrats.

Funny Tibet Protesters Under Fire

Tibet Protesters Under Fire
China Clamps Down on Tibetan Protests As Many Deaths, Injuries Reported
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A grouchy neighbour fed up with the noise . These djembe-playing kids can be a nuisance . The sight is a bit off-target...papa monk would get it in the knee.
A really sad story, why can't the Chinese leave Tibet alone.

Funny Tibet Musicians Playing to Red Elephants

Tibet Musicians Playing to Red Elephants
please view in full
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Funny stuff, might want to add some drop shadows to them and to give it more depth.
Great idea, but the bacl legs on the one on the left seem a bit too cut off. Also some shadows to match the directions of the people would be a nice touch.

Funny Tibet Monk Beating

Tibet Monk Beating
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So much for peaceful Olympic torch journey

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