Resisting Temptation
Resisting Temptation
Resisting Temptation. Member reactions:
Hahaha. “Look at me. I’m being good now. “

Funny Bouguereau's Temptation at Night

Bouguereau's Temptation at Night
Member reactions:
Beautiful. Only crit is that the motion blur on the flying fairy makes her look like she's sliding in--not fluttering. A whispy, curvy trail of stars might work better. But really a beautiful job overall. It has a really nice color palette and glow.
Well it was either you or Shorra with this one. Grats on the Silver.
Thanks everyone. This one was a lot more work than would appear at first glance, but was fun trying something different.
Pretty darn awesome. Congrats on the silver
Stunning remake of the original, looks authentic. Congrats on the gold, Funk.
Wonderful work.I've featured it on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Hope you like it.

Funny The Television Temptation

The Television Temptation
Member reactions:
, great choice of source painting. Love the reflection on the screen.
Awesome use of the source - TV is a modern temptation indeed. I like how you made the reflection on the TV's screen

Funny Adam and Eve Apple iphone Temptation

Adam and Eve Apple iphone Temptation
The first Apple
Member reactions:
I hear Apple is trying to sue god. Cos he made a fruit based on their Logo.
Fantasric. And I agree with Luciano about the bitten apple here

Funny Daily Temptations Digital Art

Daily Temptations Digital Art

Funny Temptation of Money

Temptation of Money
Member reactions:
I like this a lot too, but why is the image rather small.
There is obviously a philosophicl message here. What inspired this fine art.

Funny Candy Store Temptations

Candy Store Temptations
Member reactions:
Love this place

Funny Apple Temptations Digital Art

Apple Temptations Digital Art
A variation of the Webs we spin.

Funny Life's Temptations Digital Art

Life's Temptations Digital Art

Funny Into Temptation

Into Temptation
Member reactions:
Befor and after she realizes he snores hahhaah Nice one.

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