Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Doubles
Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Doubles
Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Doubles.

Funny Modified Vintage Stunt Car

Modified Vintage Stunt Car
Member reactions:
I know a lot of work went into it, to an average voter it would look like the very tiny part of the source is used (the car windows and top) for blending with the race car. In the end art is about the result and the impression it makes, more than what went behind the curtains to create it. If more of the source car was visibly obvious here, it would score way higher I think.

Funny David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt

David Blaine Impossible Ice Stunt
Davis Blaine likes to try the impossible. If he escapes from the block of ice, he is likely to make a tasty snack for this huge Polar Bear.
Member reactions:
Great job in putting him inside the ice block with bear licking him to taste his blood good view of underground water
Love this chop. His front paw infront of the ice cube would look good.

Funny David Blaine Skeleton After a Failed Escape Stunt

David Blaine Skeleton After a Failed Escape Stunt
And the networks missed it.
Member reactions:
Funny. I use those same gravity boots. Yes they sometimes make me feel exactly like that. Lol. ; ) Good luck.
Amazing... nice to see skeletion wearing dress. good work with the spider web

Funny David Blaine Super Stunt

David Blaine Super Stunt
Part One. The Vertigo, Drowning, Electrocution And Crucifying Of David Blaine. With sharks. Detail Here.
Member reactions:
Follow link instructions for easier viewing by voters.
What happened. Where's the freaking gold. Nice entry B. deserved more than a 6.7 imo
Guessing folks just don't get the reference. David Blaine has Christ on the cross by Salvador Dali tattooed on his back. Leaned something valuable with this entry. To much to see for the sites size requirements. Looks great at 1.67 gigs, Lol. Oh and yeah I am mocking him. ; )

Funny Motorcycle Stunt Driver Jumping

Motorcycle Stunt Driver Jumping
Stunt Driver
Member reactions:
Well done... great to see even Bikers can perform stunts like horses

Funny Motorcycle Stunt

Motorcycle Stunt
Member reactions:
Nice blurry background it's acts as am perfect example for friendship
Excellent Concept Selection. Creative idea
Hahaha, the funniest chop in the contest.

Funny Daredevil Napoleon Stunt Motorcycle Rider

Daredevil Napoleon Stunt Motorcycle Rider
Member reactions:
He was a little guy. Point well taken, I had tried it with him larger, but liked the smaller version.

Funny Stunted Braveheart Actors

Stunted Braveheart Actors

Funny Woman Stunt Skater

Woman Stunt Skater
Stunt Skater

Funny Putin's Publicity Stunts

Putin's Publicity Stunts
Russia's President Vladimir Putin did another publicity stunt to remind of his "action man" status and amuse the public on the national television - this time he descended to the bottom of the Baltic Sea aboard a red submersible. And, whoa, it just happens that he found the 19th-century shipwreck with amphoraes and relics. The previous publicity stunt of the "action man" include - riding Harleys with biker gangs, finding and bringing ancient amphoraes from the sea bottom, stopping forest fires from the plane, and flying with the cranes. Show what next publicity stunt Putin may have in mind. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Motorcycle Stunt

Motorcycle Stunt
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Everyone who owned a motorcycle at certain point either tried or fancied some stunts with it. We suppose it's like riding and taming a wild horse, only made of steel. Even simple motorcycle stunts, however cool they look, may be dangerous, so please don't try them without proper guidance and training. Photoshop this photo of motorcycle stunt (image credit AngMoKio) any way you wish. Some examples are - make this stuntman appear at unusual places, re-design the bike, etc.

Funny Balloon Stunt

Balloon Stunt
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop balloon stunt image any way you wish (image credit Chuck Kennedy / US Government work). Some examples are - making the balloon man perform other stunts, designing a poster with the balloon man and Michelle Obama, using this balloon stunt image in movies and paintings. These are just some ideas. (NOTE: despite what you may think, the supplied original photo is NOT photoshopped. On the photo you see Guinness Book of World Records holder John Cassidy performing a balloon act for First Lady Michelle Obama in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Oct. 11, 2011.)

Funny Dog Stunt

Dog Stunt
Photoshop this image of dog stunt (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up the stunt dog, replacing the stunt dog with other animals or people, using this stunt dog image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Brent Moore for providing the source photo.

Funny Putin's Stunts

Putin's Stunts
Russia's action-man Prime Minister Vladimir Putin kicked off his national election campaign leading a gang of bikers on the three-wheeled cruiser as the hard-rock anthem of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club blared from the speakers. This was the latest of Putin's publicity stunts for his upcoming return to Kremlin in Russia's 2012 presidential elections. Just two weeks ago Mr. Putin - a novice only attempting his third scuba dive - miraculously found two Greek jars dating back to the sixth century. Last year, according to the government new agency RIA Novosti, Putin managed to stop Russian forest fires flying an airtanker. Photoshop any of the Putin's possible or impossible stunts to amuse the public for the upcoming elections.

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