Trump And Hillary Share A Stair Lift
Trump And Hillary Share A Stair Lift
Trump And Hillary Share A Stair Lift. Trump Questions Hillary's Health
Member reactions:
Thanks all, especially Crafty, Mundo, and Hobbit.

Funny Obama Falls Down Plane Stairs in Texas

Obama Falls Down Plane Stairs in Texas
I guess thats what he gets for hugging Criss Christy and not him.
Member reactions:
This is awesome... he fell down and Michale is worried... good creation
Shoot him again, That hard head might just get up. Thanks all.
Congrats on the Bronze. In other words: w00t.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup.. Look For the Secret Service call soon.
Hahahahah, you probably have your own satellite now, Great chop and good on the Bronze.....

Funny Eva Mendes on the Stairs with a Black Cat

Eva Mendes on the Stairs with a Black Cat
Member reactions:
Beautiful job... she looks a little bit, to me, like Sofía Vergara here, too.
Full of attitude and killing style, lovely chop
Excellent work, but Mendes lost some resemblance in the process. She reminds me young Sofia Loren here
I though the same of NM at first glance. Sopfia of many years ago. Anyway a great chop.
Excellent work, wanderer. Congrats on the cup

Funny Woman Sleeping on the Stairs

Woman Sleeping on the Stairs
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You enhanced one of my favorite paintings. Beautifully done, Excellent work.
You enhanced one of my favorite paintings. Beautifully done, Excellent work.
This is Beautiful. Wonderfully done Laff.
Thankyou all guys.... she is one of my favourites too - so it was fun doing this. Happy New Year everyone.

Funny Mother Christmas Climbing the Stairs

Mother Christmas Climbing the Stairs
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Lovely ambiance and great white twinkle stars... Mother Christmas walking along the path towards the heaven

Funny The Stair Witch Project

The Stair Witch Project

Funny Brooms Coming Down Stairs with Buckets

Brooms Coming Down Stairs with Buckets
Member reactions:
... I asked myself a second where the acorn was
Thanks Kellie. Lol, Evirio. I was hesitant at first to put the acorn into the picture, fearing that people wouldn't realize that the brooms were made from the source.

Funny Elephant Climbing the Stairs in House

Elephant Climbing the Stairs in House
Member reactions:
had to view full to totally appreciate the thin elephant...(I'm not sure if that's what you intended, but it still looks cool.) Nice lighting effects too.
Thanks FW.... artistic liberty on the thin elephant,
Well, I am totally with funkster here - full view and you will know what peanuts brand works best for attracting elephants. I'd caption this image: Mom, this thing followed me to sleep. Can I feed it.
"Yes, son. You can feed it, but later on it's going to be your job to clean up after it." Good one, X.
Great work X.. there are so many in this contest.
The picture award is awesome . Great one, Xaos .
oh Xaos ... this must get high score ... Great work my friend , keep up top chops

Funny Escher Stairs in Eye

Escher Stairs in Eye
Member reactions:
Nice use of color and an interesting concept for sure.
i love the bright coloring you used.i neeed to find an eyeshadow that color,.very nice work.
Creative merge of the two Escher sources. Shows the vision of the great artist Escher.

Funny Man with Stairs Face

Man with Stairs Face
It could really use a full view. It took me forever to make this. sources
Member reactions:
Now i see there are parts that still need some work. I'll try to do that before the contest closes...and thanks Doxieone.
Damn it, how the New Jersey am I supposed to beat this. You can tell it took you forever, the hard work has definitely paid off, i wish i knew how to do it like this, but as an amateur using free gimp,and just a lesson or two on you tube, im afraid I'll have to stick with 2nd place (which would be a step up from my usual rank) Fantastic art.
You really captured that Teknival feeling. I really like this one.
Excellent. What's the matter, didn't have a baby pic. The stairs are soooo cool.
Definitely best in full view. Lotsa detail.
This was yours.. . You are doing great.... Congrats.
WoW... Congrats.. too bad there isn't a platinum medal. This is sooo awesome jeremix... So many fine details. I especially like the tiger's paw turning into a root... Do you have any hallucinagens for sale.
I don't think you need them, but yeah. I'm Dutch you know.
Lolll..... Welcome to the top 100. Just gotta work on your karma now.
I don't know if my Karma is still workable, but i give it a go.
Ask Newsy for some tips on scoring. He gave me a few good pointers.
Hey, Jeremix, you can always increase your karma. Some tips: Try to vote for ALL entries in any contest you vote. Try to vote within 4-8 vote range. I'll keep an eye on your karma. You know I lived in Holland for 10 years (Tilburg & The Hague) - you could be my next door neighbor
I had to look around awhile on this one...lots of super detailing. Congrats Jeremix
Thanks guy1 , ten years Newsy. I had no idea it was for that long. Well howdy then neighbour.I'll try to vote more.

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