Girl Under an Umbrella Stained Glass Window
Girl Under an Umbrella Stained Glass Window
Girl Under an Umbrella Stained Glass Window. Member reactions:
This is really nice, but a real stained glass piece would not have raindrops cut out in a solid piece of glass... you might want to put a couple more solder lines in for authenticity.
Yeah May, I was sort of rushing this glass job. I will work on an edit and have it posted before voting begins.
Conbgrats GlassyDeb. Another golden goblet for the mantle
this is so nice,,, by the way my mom loves it. congrats..

Funny Futurama Stained Glass Window

Futurama Stained Glass Window
SOURCES USED Not as good as the technical way of stain glassing, but this way i made up, i call it "7 minute staining" its very fast to do for the lazy style chopper and looks okay for custom stain glass i think... Could prolly do it in 3-5 mins but then i cant make a catchy name.
Member reactions:
this was testing, so i got the image/character lead lines too small, will do a better example if any lazy choppers want a tutorial on 7 minute staining
The top one wouldn't be that hard to get the lines to match the image but the bottom one would take hours even with Wacom. You could always desaturate the image and filter it with stamp or something then highlight and expand. Would make the lines bigger but still a lot of work. Glass is the most time consuming thing I have ever tried to do with PS
or, quickly magic wand all the colored bits then select inverse, expand selection a few pixels, and fill black on a new layer
well stop talkin' about it and do it.... get to work children. just kidding. I kinda wish you would though because my next glass was gonna be inset in stone walls just like this. I haven't seen this done here until now. But I am too lazy to do glass much.
Me likes. I wish I could do it so well as fast as you. Hilarious concept too.
thanks for remembering us little people. I have pretty basic software and could use all the help I can get. Nice job.. love me some futurama
I often use PS6 when im too lazy to start my work puter up and my other puter is alrdy on so most of the important stuff is still there, the only real thing i like more in CS's i think is the adjustment options are better for finilizing a piece and color corecting/shade and lighting, its an all over simpler layout for some trial and error work too.... with PS6 i downloaded Adobe Lightroom, find that to be a nice programe for finilizing peices, it also has nice lil options to draw in shading/highlights and the touch up likes.

Funny Mick Jagger Stained Glass

Mick Jagger Stained Glass
Member reactions:
Brilliant stained glass work. Love the vivid colors.
You're so amazing with glass work, the colours you've chose are wonderful. Kudo's on the Silver
Congrats Deb Another stained glass masterpiece.
. great glass work again Glassydeb. Add another silver to the shelf.

Funny Stained Glass Rembrandt Peale Painting

Stained Glass Rembrandt Peale Painting
My apologies to the other stained glass author in this contest. Yours was not posted here when I started working on this piece, and I've worked too many hours on mine to just toss it. .
Member reactions:
beautiful, now how about a stained glass of a chopped remmy clone.
Excellent stained glass work here. Love how you did the large glass chunks with bigger surface curves

Funny Kenny From South Park Stained Glass Window

Kenny From South Park Stained Glass Window
I knocked this out last week playing around with the glass tutorial. Thought I would throw it in the mix.
Member reactions:
2nd attempt actually Hamid. I am working on perfecting my technique for a future contest. I did this one to test color patterns. Figured it was good enough for the freak show.
Who threw a rock through the window....OMG you killed Kenny you bar stewards.

Funny Batman Stained Glass Window

Batman Stained Glass Window
I started with Hamids excellent tutorial. I had never tried one of these before. I used a different glass texture and took some shortcuts because these are very hard. I think I chose a bad contest to do my first one because it really requires lots of colors. I also lost a lot of texture quality in the save to get it under 250k. What is the trick to compress these. I know it isn't as good as Hamid or Sassydebs glass but it's my first shot at it so be nice. WIP (sort of)
Member reactions:
Not bad for your first try with the glass. It will teach you patience, that's for sure. As you just learned, this technique is not well suited for dark colors. Next time try something with more vivid color, and play with your layer blending. Variety in the glass in another key for making it look real. I look forward to seeing your next one.
I tweaked it out a little Deb. I'm pretty happy with it considering. I almost stopped in the middle when I realized the color thing was going to be a problem. But if I start something...I'm glad I did finish it.
For a first attempt it is pretty good, but as Deb has mentioned the vivid colors and layer blending is the main key. Overall nice job and I am glad that you did finish it because it was worth it.... Good Luck..
Nice work on the came lead strips.
apraxine , I actually had the lines in the cape connecting at first but it didn't look right. However you are right, so I connected a couple and removed the rest that didn't fit. Thanks for the critique.
Yep. agree with MUD, IMO the dark image kind of suits the subject and as a first attempt it bodes well for your future entries.
Good onya for having a go, ya did well for a 1st time
Excellent work, especially for the first attempt at stained glass.
Congrats Jerry Nice job, especially on first try.
Great Job Jerry... Congrats on the Bronze..
Thanks everyone. I didn't think this would get a trophy. I almost didn't enter it
Congrats Jerry. I figured this was you. . WTG.
Looks like glass to me, good job, congrats on the bronze
jerrylambert I didn't give you my permission to use my art. please don't try and profit off of it and I kindly suggest you use your own creativity to get ahead in the game. Thank you David Williams 2014
the source of the bat man is by David Williams

Funny Stained Glass Ratatouille

Stained Glass Ratatouille
Compression has really ruined the colors, texture and details, Please View Original Size WIP
Member reactions:
You just know I love this stuff, another beautiful & fun creation
Silver congratulations, Hamid - the glass work is amazing. Thanks for making the impressive WIP.
Congrats Hamid One day I will put that tutorial of yours to use.
Congrats Hamid. Nice work on the glass mouse.
Congrats Hamid. Great glass work. I though it was a Sassydeb chop. What a surprise. Great work.
Congrat's on the silver Hamid. Cheers Mandrak
Thanks everyone for your comments and votes It had been a long time since I did one of these stained glass chops and to be honest I had a lot of fun with this one. I had written a tutorial a long time ago for this effect so if anyone wants to see how its done you could check it out here

Funny Bill Gates Stained Glass Window

Bill Gates Stained Glass Window
If you'd like to see an extra large version go here. I started out with a pic of Bill and a Windows logo. WIP is here, but it's not complete. I've never tried to make one before and it messed up when I started adding the layers of glass so I stopped the WIP, but it gives you an idea of the process to start a glass image. Everything is done by hand. The only filter used was a little bevel on the lead lines. I use the line tool to draw all of the lines. Enjoy.
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Masterful technique of stained glass
Nope. The glass is acutally a pic of glass from sxc blended over my painting, layer upon layer, piece by piece. You can't control shadow and light using a texture filter.
Impressive, must have taken hours. My only advice is to make the watch face one piece of glass. For some reason the X bugs me. But that's just nitpicking. Fantastic work . This should get a mantle piece.
Unbelievable...I'd be ever so interested in the time involved in a project like this. Fabulous..
Thanks May, I think I probably worked on this one about 8 hours or so.
OK, maybe the X on the watch symbolizes Bills time is I'll except the X now... . Solid 10 with or without the X. Also if you decide to turn that glass into a texture I would love a copy of the file. That effect would be great for my ceramic ornaments.
Whew...8 hours... I hope you have more uses for this than this contest So, I repeat ... UNBELIEVABLE..this is "out of site"... Showing my age, huh.
Congrats Deb on another fine stained glass masterpiece
congrats on the gold deb. a real piece of art. Fabulous
Thanks a lot everyone. I love creating new glass windows.
Congrats glass master, good idea, good work

Funny Church Stained Glass by Escher

Church Stained Glass by Escher
Member reactions:
Love the composition. Even better in full view, but I still vish the full view was even bigger to see all the dertails.

Funny Stained Glass Clown

Stained Glass Clown
A ton of hours goes in to making one of these. Please take a moment to view in full. X-Tra Large version here. Source
Member reactions:
All the hours you spent on this were worth it. Fabulous.
The glassmaker returns with another great entry. You must have quite the collection of these by now. The detail of the eyelashes is the only thing which looks remotely out of place in comparison to the geometric shapes within the rest of the image but I wouldn't change it as I can't see how you could really do it differently in this case. Sure to place well.
Yeah, the eyelashes were a puzzlement on how to do them. They are so much a part of her "signature" that I had to have them in the glass. I tried a using lighter (thinner) leading line for them, but I didn't like that result. I'm so tickled that you all like her. I think she's my favorite glass of them all.
As a person who works real stained glass, all I can say is ZA.
I know. I did one of the Cheshire cat and was dreaming about it. Nice work. It would help to add the plastic effect on the black lines to make it look even more real.
Top job here. Eyelashes make it look a tad less realistic, but I know they are difficult to deal with.
Congrats Deb, you have mastered this style Now wwe should get Wendy's to put them in the windows.
Congrats Deb, #1 out of 80 entries, that's a feather in your cap eh. great work.
Wonderful win in a contest full of wonderful entries - congratulations, Deb.
Congrat's Deb,This type of image you master it, beautiful work.. Cheers Mandrak
. Thanks for all the great comments guys. The time I put into this was definately worth it.
I am stunned by how you do these, ty so much for the visual beauty.

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