Squid Egg Hatching
Squid Egg Hatching
Squid Egg Hatching. nice breakfast.. see it full..

Funny Giant Squid in an Aquarium

Giant Squid in an Aquarium
sorce Unit of Giant the Squid species in an aquarium
Member reactions:
What really amazes me about this image is the fact you put the squid/cuttlefish thing behind the original fish in the picture. Quit amazing to be honest that you took that extra step cause I'm sure a lot of people would have just cut the fish out. Great entry and its obvious time was spent on this picture.

Funny Giant Squids Meeting

Giant Squids Meeting

Funny Colossal Squid Movie

Colossal Squid Movie
Of deep of the Ocean the danger it exists.
Member reactions:
Actually, this movie exists - "The Beast"

Funny The Squid King

The Squid King
Member reactions:
very nice on the way you did the shadows and how you made it fit in with the painting.
Ok, now what I love most about this entry is the color. I really like how the color of the squid matches the colors of the picture. The shadows are great and the idea is pretty sweet as well. Awesome. Period.

Funny Fisherman Catching a Giant Squid

Fisherman Catching a Giant Squid
Member reactions:
"Is that a Johnson outboard, or are you just happy to see me."
This is really a great entry. I really like how the change of heads still makes it appear as if nothing has been changed to the people. The splashes around the squid are excellent. Awesome job.
Wonderfully realistic. Congratulations, sir.

Funny Squid Attacking a Submarine

Squid Attacking a Submarine
Giant Squid
Member reactions:
Interesting colors

Funny Squid Burger

Squid Burger
The King (please view full)
Member reactions:
You're not going to ... me in to eating one of THOSE.
yum. Calamri is tasty but I never had it raw.
you've got a'little bit of octopus there, but otherwise good.

Funny Squid lizard

Squid lizard
(Please View Full ... much bigger and clearer)

Funny Giant Squid in Thames

Giant Squid in Thames
Daaan the "pig and spade", the guvner and 'is chinas 'ad naa idea what the bleedin' 'ell to make of ole squidie.

Funny Giant Squid

Giant Squid
The live giant squid was caught on camera for the first time and its pictures are the most searched thing on the internet now. The giant squid lost one of his tentacles when it was fighting with spears. What a coincidence. K-Fed almost lost his testicles when he was fighting with Spears. In this contest you are asked to photoshop giant squid in any way you like. Provide evidence of giant squid existence in the current days and in the past. Paintings, magazine covers, news paper articles or giant squid photos are good examples of entries.

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