Nancy Pelosi Does Wrong Spell
Nancy Pelosi Does Wrong Spell
Nancy Pelosi Does Wrong Spell. Sources
Member reactions:
Superb work, love the elephant and the Obama poster on the door. The only nitpick is - I wish Pelosi was more recognizable here
Congrats Rain. a score of 10 just isnt enough mate. awesome
Congrats on the gold Rainman. I thought that fire looked familiar.
RW: yeah that's one of my favorite flame sources lately, .
Congrats on the win rainman, and as u said , Pelosi and the witch look.. goes side by side ( I don't know the lady that much ) but from the first look,I Thought: lets chop a witch out of her..
Excellent... I believe you captured a little of the Brothers Hildebrant style of lighting and overall feel. Very nicely done

Funny Many Naked People Spelling Out the Name Google

Many Naked People Spelling Out the Name Google
This is the World of Google. The n.a.k.e.d. reality. Please view FULL SIZE Sources
Member reactions:
Another beauty.... What's getting into you guys ahahahahahaahahah
Thank you so much. A few months and i want to get my 1st gold.
Congrats on your Bronze Homlok, great job.
Digo gracias por ello a usted amablemente.
. This is great. Full view is surprising. Congrats
Great stuff HomBoy. Congrats on grabbing your first FN hardware. Beautiful work.
Congratulations on the bronze, Homlok. Your first trophy. Viva, Hungary.
Köszönöm,is Thank you. From now you will see more better pic by me.
That's okay, Homlok. Any better than this and we all should just quit while we are ahead Great chop...

Funny M&M Spell Checker

M&M  Spell Checker
A work in progress under going revision
Member reactions:
they are still using Windows 98, nice irony
Congratulations on the win, GarRobMil. Your first advanced gold. You rock, man.
WTG GRM.. Hauling in the Gold Hardware. Love it. Well deserved.

Funny Halloween Witches Making a Spell with George Bush

Halloween Witches Making a Spell with George Bush
Member reactions:
this is one wacky scary.. lots of work are went here. who's the characters by the way.
Many bdetails here. Check out the Bin Laden ghost in the background.

Funny Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling
Member reactions:
I'd think it was the other way around, poor guy.


Unregardless uf yer spelleng misstaks, eye tink yu kan gimme goode marcs...may-b.

Funny Speak N Spell

Speak N Spell
Edited by request
Member reactions:
Shouldn't it be called Zzzzzpeak N Zzzzzpell.
Shockingly Humorous.

Funny Tori Spelling & Her Dog

Tori Spelling & Her Dog
It's all in the eyes (and implants).
Member reactions:
Very cute

Funny Tori Spelling with her Pet Dog

Tori Spelling with her Pet Dog

Funny Florida Incorrect Spelling Road Sign

Florida Incorrect Spelling Road Sign
Only in Florida: Road sign incorrectly spells the state’s name as ‘Flordia’ TWICE.

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