Girl Going Down a Wet Slide
Girl Going Down a Wet Slide
Girl Going Down a Wet Slide.

Funny Grater Slide in the Park

Grater Slide in the Park
Member reactions:
Animals and children belongs to each other. Nice idea.
The word "play" is spelled incorrectly on your sign.
Haha so it is. the lesson. take more time to do things and check before entry, will fix it in the morning. thanks. j
The slide as a razor blade or knife blade would be a nice touch.
Great idea thanks. breaking the food up a bit for the poor animals.

Funny Water Slide Jump

Water Slide Jump
My daughters friend was not hurt in the making of this image NB I also have permission to use the image. Sources I was on holiday once and spotted a waterslide being constructed, there was no warning signs and anyone could of climbed it and come down to be greeted by an empty pool .
Member reactions:
OOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOO..... Outstanding. Rolling on the floor with laughter...
Great composition here, and it can even be used as a warning sign at such construction places.
No wonder the pool is empty. That looks Camelback mountain, AZ in the source pic...

Funny Racing Car Sliding Into a Bend

Racing Car Sliding Into a Bend
Zoom Zoom
Member reactions:
Making the smoke a bit transparent would look better I think.

Funny Real Elephant Slide

Real Elephant Slide
Please check out the full scale image. Thanks.
Member reactions:
Great idea....But you have the shadow going in the wrong direction.

Funny Republican Elephant Slide

Republican Elephant Slide
Recognize it Freakers... All comments are welcomed
Member reactions:
Cool....But the Dem & Ind symbols are quite blurred. Masking them out & re-working them to match the smooth colors and edges of the elephant would've boosted the image quality.
idea and execution on elephant is cool but the compression on the lion and donkey really kill the chop

Funny Kid Looking Through an Elephant Slide

Kid Looking Through an Elephant Slide
Member reactions:
I like this idea, but I would have left off the blurring of the pic, because the elephant already is the focus & subject of the pic.

Funny Elephant Slide Photo

Elephant Slide Photo
I tryed to download the hight reso.. image but it came the wrong image so I work with the example image...
Member reactions:
Download trouble aside, you have a good idea by adding tusks, ears & eyes. But by enlarging the pic, it made it quite blurry.

Funny Elephant Slides Into the Water

Elephant Slides Into the Water
I tried to portray the artistic aspect with the buckets spurring colored paints... but use your creativity to interpret the picture
Member reactions:
i like the artistic trunk-paint aspect. great thinking. first thing that strikes: only the original elephant got a shadow...
bizarre shadows but shadows after all
the shadows are missing under the elephants

Funny Water Slide in New Englad

Water Slide in New Englad
waterslides at a flood infested state, developed by a quick thinking, resourceful company
Member reactions:
Global warming takes it's toll on Tobogganers
Flood infested..... sounds like the mosquitos aren't far behind.

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