Skyfall. Member reactions:
Funny composition. Woman at right will have neck pains.
She is Bond woman and she doesn't feel pain.
Luciano, I will tell you secret. There are no women on the picture.
Interesting piece Wanderer thinking outside the obvious by using the paintings too, I like that. congrats on the Bronzy.

Funny Skyfall with Chicken Little as James Bond

Skyfall with Chicken Little as James Bond
Member reactions:
Thank You I'm glad to make you smile today.

Funny Adele With a Gun in Skyfall

Adele With a Gun in Skyfall
Please click here: Adele - Skyfall
Member reactions:
, amazing work. beautifully done with mirror and her face, nice starry effect as well
Super Kewl Wanderer. Like it alot. I think it's the earring. Looks like a Ruffles potato chip.
SS, my thought exactly about the earring too, .
Outstanding chopping. Just doesn't get much cleaner.
Thank you, FRIENDS. I hope Adele will like picture too.

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