Tropical Fish with Six Eyes
Tropical Fish with Six Eyes
Tropical Fish with Six Eyes.

Funny Aligator with six Eyes

Aligator with six Eyes

Funny Tiger with Six Eyes

Tiger with Six Eyes
Member reactions:
Thanks all for the great comments and votes
Clean blending, looks freaky and real. The ear eyes look angry.
Congrats on the gold, DDB. Nice to see you back on the podium.
Beautiful job, congrats on the Gold, DDB.

Funny Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas

Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas
Twelve aliens drumming, Eleven aliens piping, Ten aliens a-leaping, Nine aliens waiting, Eight aliens a-milking, Seven aliens a-swimming, Six aliens a-laying, Five alien rings. Four alien birds, Three alien hens, Two alien doves, and an alien in a pear tree...
Member reactions:
very impressive hidden,I hope to survive such Christmas .
I agree with Luciano - some decent work here
Dang it, At this time of night I should be counting sheep and you have me counting aliens. If I have nightmares I'm going to be mad at you. But there is something about this one, great composition.
Amazing chop.... all the aliens were well chopped and great work on the multiple hands and legs of the creeping creature and good lyric indeed
Gotta love it. Creepy stuff and irreverent. Congrats on the cup.
Creepy cool work. Congrats on the Bronze, maiden.

Funny Six Headed Peacock

Six Headed Peacock
Member reactions:
Peacock is the most beautiful bird... and you tried to make it... more beautiful... Well merged necks....

Funny Super Athlete Girl with Six Arms

Super Athlete Girl with Six Arms
Member reactions:
Really nice job in changing her clothes ...
Excellent... great chop with this source all hands busy and awesome job with shadow also
Very smooth Chop you did Paul with the way you put everything together , Silver Congrats ....
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Each FN member has a "Tell" displayed by their artistry and yours is the timeless necessity of life,i.e., 'Humor'. I, always, manage a smile after viewing your entries. Well-done.
Thanks, everybody. Yeah...I have a "Tell," G-Man.

Funny Long Crocodile with Six Legs

Long Crocodile with Six Legs
Member reactions:
IS the source pic the 20ft, 4000lb monster they got off of the Northern Territories in Australia a while back. I have a pic of that thing stretched out on a flatbed trailer and it hangs off both ends. HORRIFIC.

Funny Frog with Six Eyes

Frog with Six Eyes
Member reactions:
nice work
I wanted to say awesome, but somebody beat me to it, so Extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring great admiration, or awesome.

Funny Rhino with Six Legse

Rhino with Six Legse

Funny Iguana with Six Legs

Iguana with Six Legs

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