Sheldon. Member reactions:
perspective does not match, and needs shadows to ground the figures
I intended to put a shadow down, but I had to just get something up before the contest closed. I'm not sure how to fix the perspective, but any suggestions are welcomed. I put the original cast up against the background I created, and I think the perspective issue you see is related to small heads. The brain wants their heads to be small because they are leaning back, but really, they just have small heads and have their chins up. Please let me know if I'm looking wrong. Thanks.
maybe you are right, small heads seem to make eye level lower
Blackboard background, perfect. Great job, Bronze congrats Ollie.

Funny Sheldon Cooper Finds Water On Mars

Sheldon Cooper Finds Water On Mars
Water Big Bang Sheldon finds a fish on Mars
Member reactions:
Thank you very much. It is not a stock chop and paste, it is illustrated based in 3D.
Congrats on the Bronze. Can gummy borrow that fish for BotS.
Pretty cool splash. Congrats on the bronze, Hits.

Funny Sheldon Cooper Carves A Block Of Snow on Pi Day

Sheldon Cooper Carves A Block Of Snow on Pi Day
Member reactions:
LoL Good job
Could be much better but tools are kept in an unnatural way.
Thanks, everyone.
You got me at Shel... I love that guy. Jim Parson chops rock. Thanks and congrats, Doc.

Funny Sheldon Adelson's Macau

Sheldon Adelson's Macau
Member reactions:
nice skin texture and good background well done
Just another proof that aliens are among us already.

Funny Sheldon Cooper Marries Amy

Sheldon Cooper Marries Amy
Sheldon and Amy get married
Member reactions:
I thought for a moment making Leonard & Penny's wedding... Yours is pretty good.
Lovely decorated behind... good to see the planets hanging around well done
Awesome chop. I'd change two things though: 1) get rid of the glass helmets as they look like a soap bubbles (a bit cartoonish too) and don't match the rest of the photo-realistic elements in the chop 2) add more wedding attributes. If taken out of the contest the chop just looks like a happy couple photo, not a wedding photo. On its own the chop is a top job though.
Thanks for the comment Newsey. Actually my aim was to add a little cartoonish quality and my thinking was those two are anything but traditional and if they did have a wedding it would be nerdy. TY to Rajesh Newsmaster, Luciano, Evirio, and Eric
Congrats, Hitspinner . It was my favorite in contest.
Thanks Elegary, Hobbit, Bob and Pat. The female is Sheldon's GF on the show. He name is amy.

Funny Sheldon Time's Person of the Year

Sheldon Time's Person of the Year
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature with amazing background Sheldon deserves to the be Person of the Year good job done
He should get a Geek Of The Year title too Good job.
awesome hitspinner. This character (and caricature) cracks me up.
Sheldon from the "Big Bang Theory" He's the top actor on the top sitcom on TV

Funny Sheldon Cooper Caricature

Sheldon Cooper Caricature
Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper / Jim Parsons The Big Forehead Theory
Member reactions:
Umm... I'm pretty sure this was already posted. Maybe you could come up with an original idea.
cfc7980 You sound offended. My caricature is uniquely my style. Totally different than yours my friend. I didn't know that a caricature of Sheldon Cooper was your original idea. Try Googling his name, you'll find many more caricatures of Sheldon, done by numerous others. Lighten up dude and have some fun. I'm sure your caricatures will score very well. They are very good. I wish you the best.
Thanks, I wasn't saying that caricatures are my original idea, however, I was saying that someone already posted a Sheldon caricature. If this was a Sheldon caricature contest then it would be cool. Yours is good too, just think people might get tired of see the same caricatures.
Thanks for the compliment cfc7980. It is the Freak Show with no designated topic. Pretty much anything goes. I'm no expert what people like and get tired of. I always hope they like it. I Create what I am inspired to do at the moment, what comes to me then post it. I see nothing wrong with my posted entry. And I do think it's "cool".
I am so sick of this Sheldon Cooper nonsense./ Who the heII is he anyway. Never heard of him. Of course, I don't own a single tv. Lol. These comments were the best laugh I have had all day. Keep up the back and forth, I need the laughs. ; ) Lol. -Edited by Moderator on 5/21/2013 11:24:23 PM
. Bmore. sounds like you're looking at things from the right perspective. Thanks.
Bmore, you owe me 18 dollars for a 5th of, uhhh,,,,treatment after seeing all those snakes. And these 2 hiddens great job on both Sheldons Y'all go on and talk some more smak but ya gotta get up early if your going to beat an Amy with a beard. She's got ya both beat. Bazinga.
Thanks Gummy. You know it man. I can only dream about doing a woman like that. Oops... I know as a bearded caricature like yours.
Exactly cfc7980. Thanks Man. Keep up the Good Work. *~~*
Ha. Gummy what da ya having. Drinks on me. ; ) *clink.*
Unbelievable and marvelous change with the original nice background chosen and great caricature done on it
Thank much Rajeshstar. Great observations. I always appreciate the time you take to in noting the details.
Thanks Eric. I see that. A Peanut Headed Avatar.
Very nicely done with good likeness my only nitpick would be the elongated neck, it doesn't fit somehow for me Great job, nonetheless.
Thanks QMS. I appreciate your critiques. I kinda thought a long neck would go with his thin body and peanut styled time maybe I'll try a short neck caricature. It's all experimental with me...I'm new at this you know, and I learn something every time I do one of these.
Was that a critique or an opinion. Great Job SS. It's within range

Funny Dr. Sheldon Cooper Bazinga

Dr. Sheldon Cooper Bazinga
This one only took 5 min. Bazinga. It really took 10 hours and 48 layers.
Member reactions:
Good one... and well illuminated background
Very nicely done good likeness. the type is a bit distracting, and the neck is a bit too elongated for me, but a great job overall.
Thanks for the support everyone. I can't belive my Howard beat my Sheldon haha, who knew.
Double Congrats wood is almost always a good thing.
Haha that's right. I'll take me wood when I can get it
Jesus, Character central, this contest. Really good job

Funny Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper Caricature

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper Caricature
Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper / caricature portrait BEST VIEW Reruns takes 'Big Bang' to new heights Happy 40th Birthday Jim Parsons 3/24/13
Member reactions:
Another incredible one. Hmmmm...I just cannot figure out who did this masterpiece. .
New here so I spent some time looking up some of your stuff. Nice work. Two questions pertaining to this one. Should the reflections in the helmet be stars and plazma instead of day light. Second was the clipping path on his left shoulder intentional. Not meaning to offend. I'm here to learn. Just curious. ; )
Thanks pcrdds, Thanks Bmore He's standing in front of a starfield background there are no stars in front of him it wasn't a clipping path, I wouldn't allow that it was the natural reflection that was on the original body source how's it look now P.S. How was it exactly, that you looked up a "hidden author's" stuff.
I may be new, but I'm a quick study. Lol. I always appreciate constructive tips. I figure anyone as good as yourself would also. ; ) I have found those that are truly talented are confident enough to bare it. Looks great...
Well instead of raising you another Amy Farrah Fowler I'll just say "BAZINGA." congrats in advance.
Is there some reason that you used the word Bazinga. As a stout member of CAFW, Choppers Against Fictitious Words, I, we believe that the use of such words as made mention in your amazing work like bazillion and ax me and others are the root of the breakdown of American society, I mean really... what is a bazillion, what is bazinga. The use of made up words from Hollywood is tearing apart our fabric. I mean... really come on hidden. Please excuse my English.
maybe you meant, "excuse my anguish" hey man, chill I'm just chopping here. The chop features the Sheldon character of the show, and that's a catch phrase of his, which makes it relevant to the image as any other relevant element might be used in any chop. I'm not sure what you're referring to in regards to the words bazillion and ax me that you mentioned I've used in my work don't recall that. Sorry you're so frustrated by a television star's catch phrase I never thought it would offend anyone. Thanks for the "amazing work" part of your rant, er I mean, comment.
Nice portrait with a freaky eye expression and nice helmet with bang of rays emitting out to create a new theory good one like your chop
Awesome. Nice concept and very well executed
A Masterpiece.. Mentor chop for me again.. Awesome finishing and HD quality in each pixel
Ha, DD you can't stop it. May as well swing your sword at windmills or shoot Gene Roddenberry for the word, "Vulcan." hahahahaha But having spent a fortune studying English... I understand. Hidden, you aced this one.
words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they make their way across the universe JWL
Uh, just to help clear/muddy the water.
Many Thanks to everyone. a special thanks to Bmore for the "constructive" critique and I hope there's no hard feelings d-dog, there were surely none intended nor expected.
Just funning with ya. I was bored. Congrats... or should I say BAZINGA. Sorry for my english.. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhah.
A freaking beauty, I say. Congrats on the gold, Bill.

Funny Alien Sheldon Cooper

Alien Sheldon Cooper
Member reactions:
Nice illuminated chop good lighting effects

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