A Close Shave
A Close Shave
A Close Shave. A dangerous situation for the president.
Member reactions:
Hilarious nicely done. Woody Congrats, fugit.
Grats fugit, Great build. Barber Shop is Rad.
Good pic, boy Nancy is scary looking, poor Trump.

Funny Kate Upton stopped shaving

Kate Upton stopped shaving
"No shave november" going on ever
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha, what a hoot. It makes one glad our women lost all the hair they used to have. This is real food for thought

Funny Hairy Miranda Kerr Refuses to Shave

Hairy Miranda Kerr Refuses to Shave
A new beauty trend.

Funny Obama and Clinton Shaving Angela Merkel

Obama and Clinton Shaving Angela Merkel
Member reactions:
Fantastical work, but I don't understand how this has anything to do with tapping her phone.
yeah, it might be a bit farfetched, . maybe it should be in the freakshow. i'll ask newsy.
This is a brilliant work, The lighting and caricatures with their expressions are Phenomenal. It's provocative, I love it, and I thank hidden for sharing it with us...
Love the Caricatures. Now...that said, I vote we send it back to the In The News contest. ...Too Good Hidden. P.S. please leave the rest of Merkel covered. Okay.
I love the Caricatures too. It does have the trappings of a winner and the dark ambience works in this case very well. Best of luck, Hidden
Had to come back for another looksee. One of the top chops ever here at FN by the way Gets a 10 from me
This version of Merkel is totally crazy. Top chop.
Was never a doubt. Congrats on the gold, Jere. You know 9.7 puts you in a small group that has bragging rights of 9.5 and above.... Big feather to stick in your headband
, very high score indeed. now i can die in peace.. thanks for putting it in first place peeps.
Congrats on the Big Win, Jere. Well Deserved. Pro Work.
Congrats Jeremix, a 9.7 that should have been a perfect 10
i am pleased with it myself, too. thanks a lot guys.
Fabulous chop jeremix. Very little to critique in this one. Especially Like the Merkel caricature. The bald head and the multiple chins are hilarious. Keep up the awesome work and big congrats on the gold.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. You just keep giving us some real treats lately.

Funny Orungutan Getting a Shave at the Barbers

Orungutan Getting a Shave at the Barbers
Member reactions:
Hilarious chop. The monkey legs are a bit too long though.
India, Pakistan. I see a turban. Yeah, Oranutangs have really short legs. You could have stuck tennis shoes over the knees and called it good. hahahaahaha But great job overall my friend. It looks like he's getting a real haircut

Funny Conchita Wurst Shaving Cream

Conchita Wurst Shaving Cream
Member reactions:
Congrats, GarRobMil. Is it for leg shaving.
Excellent chop. Could be a real add. Congrats on the cup.
Clever product idea

Funny Miley Cyrus Shaving

Miley Cyrus Shaving
Member reactions:
She needs a clean shave for that youthful look.
So macho anyway. But short beard suits her, even with her youthful look.

Funny Elvira's Time to Shave

Elvira's Time to Shave

Funny Barack Obama Barber Shaving Off a Mans Ear

Barack Obama Barber Shaving Off a Mans Ear
The Haircut

Funny Angelina Jolie Shaving

Angelina Jolie Shaving
Member reactions:
Awesome.... brilliant and clear chop... This chop can be put for a Razor ad well done looks clean and smooth

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