Dog with Shamrock Spots
Dog with Shamrock Spots
Dog with Shamrock Spots. Member reactions:
Very photorealistic. If you could breed this dog you would make a fortune...
, you lucky dog... (sorry, had to be said)
The shamrocks look not painted but having their own volume. Perhaps try decreasing contrast on them.
Hehe...midian, when I first uploaded this picture I titled it "Lucky Dog"...then changed it. Too funny. Contrast corrected NM...thank you.
I'm looking over a 3 leaf clover dog, that I've overlooked before.
If you're Irish, come into the parlour, if not, click here .

Funny Shamrock Grapefruit

Shamrock Grapefruit
When I cut the grapefruit open, I got a big surprise. I sold the other half on ebay
Member reactions:
Lucky Grapefruit. Nice work to go the extra mile.
the e-bay half had a pot of gold under it..

Funny Uncle Shamrock

Uncle Shamrock
The long lost, and far more well liked brother of some guy named Sam.
Member reactions:
Uncle Shamrock wants have some green beer. Cheers.
I want YOU to congratulate Midian with the nice win.
Thank you for the nice comments and captions.
AAAAAhhhhhh Midian in honor of St. Paddys Day he sent you something on tap..Party on. Nice win in heavy competition.
and for the rest of us..Party at Midians.

Funny Canadian Shamrock Flag

Canadian Shamrock Flag

Funny iPod in the Shape of an Irish Shamrock

iPod in the Shape of an Irish Shamrock
It comes with Danny Boy pre-loaded.
Member reactions:
Outside bevel looks good. In order to really set those ipod elements, you could create an inside bevel around the wheel & screen. After that, adding a touch of noise will give the green a more real feel. ...oh danny boy, the pipes, the pipes, are callin'..... fav'rite Irish tune. I'll take two, if it please ya, sure. (From glen to glen an' down th' mountainside....)

Funny Heineken shamrock

Heineken shamrock
Somehow the Irish always find a way to celebrate with beer.
Member reactions:
The Irish took over Heineken from the Dutch. Of all the beers in the world, they had to buy the worst(ok, bud is worse), they must have been really drunk yuck, heineken
--> Yeah, they must have been really drunk...but can you blame them... Come on...they're Irish
German. Not today. Today, we are Irish.
Heineken should probably try it on St. Patrick's Day

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