Tom Selleck Steals Water From a Fire Hydrant
Tom Selleck Steals Water From a Fire Hydrant
Tom Selleck Steals Water From a Fire Hydrant. Tom Selleck is a water thief My neighbor was a fraternity brother of his at the University of Southern California. "DWP" stands for, "Department of Water And Power."
Member reactions:
Much younger than today. One of my heroes.
Great show, Paul. Congrats on the silver.
Congrads on the Silver, you are the Freaking News man.
Ha, I hear now that he legally paid a private companu for the water who legally paid the city. More to come a six o'clock Congrats on the 3some, Doc
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze, and Wood.

Funny Tom Selleck Caricature

Tom Selleck Caricature
Member reactions:
ruh seem to be swimming with the little fishy's now. But at least your the Sheriff in you new underwater world. Nice Blending, Hidden.
A sheriff has to be cautious in the underworld. Good work.
What happened to your chop.Did you get nailed by the dreaded DeviantArt or CG Sociiety.I hate when that happens to me.That was an awesome chop,a winner for sure .

Funny Tom Selleck by Rembrandt

Tom Selleck by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Quite realistic. Far from Rembrandt's touch

Funny Tom Selleck and Son

Tom Selleck and Son
Like hairy father, like hairy son. Full 'stash by 10 or you're not a Selleck.

Funny Tom Selleck big head

Tom Selleck big head

Funny Tom Selleck Upside Down

Tom Selleck Upside Down

Funny Old Tom Selleck

Old Tom Selleck
Member reactions:
I'd still have him
woohooo Kellie, you know, I've been told I look just like him, except I'm shorter and my face is different.....
Funky chop. BS.

Funny Baby Tom Selleck

Baby Tom Selleck
That Tom sure gets around.
Member reactions:
Too funny. Skin tone a bit on the red side, but super nonetheless.
another miniature Richard. No, no, he never wanted to have kids; Monica should have a baby with Chandler.

Funny Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck
Only friends.

Funny Selleck Sellers

Selleck Sellers

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