Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self
Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self
Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self . Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self On White House Lawn
Member reactions:
Lol this is wild and the story as well. Serious TDS to set self on fire.
And sadly the poor dumb ass died the next day.

Funny Self Mutilation

Self Mutilation
Member reactions:
Now that's the astute face of infinite wisdom, with a huge heart, and friend to all
Crusty looking old geezer if you ask me hahahahaha . Thanks Reg
Beautiful work as always, Congrats Hits, Love it.
The distinguished looking gentleman takes the Gold. Congrats Hitspinner.
Congrats Hits the ole sage 😎👍🏼
Congratulations Hitspinner, a deserved 1st place
Congrats on the gold Hits.
Congrats on the Win, Hits. I see your favorite mystical background comes through again. ... it has worked in my favor a couple times too.
Yeah, it is a good source but I rarely use it alone. I prefer combination layers of similar subject and quality. This background is three layers deep and darker than normal as you can tell. That was necessary because though it is a pretty decent crop, it was pulled from a forested background and had some leafy artifacts that needed some erasing and blending. Hhowever I did not have time to dodge and erase them all out so I had to deepen the Background a smidgeon. All in all it worked and apparently has the "nod" from the other choppers. I didn't think it would win but figured it would be a contender. It doesn't matter how many times you grab a cup, it is still a hoot. And a gold one, that is the best pat on the back we give So, hoooo rah. .

Funny Self Portrait in Drag Retouched

Self Portrait in Drag Retouched
Retouched his drag self-portrait

Funny Self Driving vs Mother Nature

Self Driving vs Mother Nature

Funny Rembrandt's self portrait

Rembrandt's self portrait
Member reactions:
Love the textured affect yet the lens size difference bothers me. Congrats
Nice job Vicspa and congrats. I got second to last. ..
Congrats on the gold, vic. Big win in a big contest with many wonderful entries. Hats off.

Funny Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Funny Kahlo self portrait with glass bonito

Kahlo self portrait with glass bonito

Funny Self Dentistry

Self Dentistry
Keep Calm and Smile On.
Member reactions:
I'll never see my dentist in the same way ..
Great work, definitely got the freak factor. Congrats on the Bronze.
Great build and morphing. Congrats on the bronze, Karar....
Congrats, K9. After seeing your image, wearing dentures seems less of a pain in my arse.

Funny Self Portrait of Pablo Picasso

Self Portrait of Pablo Picasso
Member reactions:
Excellent, and the Wacom pen here is a clever touch.

Funny Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Funny Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training
Photoshop this image of self-defense training (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: showing the new defense moves for the two fighters, putting the people in the self-defense training image into some new environment, using this self-defense training image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Aleph Ozuas and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Self Portraits

Self Portraits
Newly discovered (apparent) Leonardo self-portrait goes on display in Italy in April and May. The portrait has been in a private collection and was originally thought to depict Galileo, however the close inspection revealed that the portrait has been signed on the back with Leonardo's inscription. So far the only authenticated self-portrait of Leonardo is a red-chalk drawing from 1512 when Leonardo was 60 years old. Several research projects also suggest that the famous Mona Lisa masterpiece is in fact the "hidden" self-portrait of Leonardo. It's a "self portrait" contest where you have to photoshop yourself any way you wish.

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