Chihuahua Seal
Chihuahua Seal
Chihuahua Seal. Member reactions:
awwwwwwwwww,omg,so cute i cant even stand it...
The return of blackhole. Woo hoo, great to see you back, bud.

Funny Elephant Seal in a Wig

Elephant Seal in a Wig

Funny Fantasy Eagle Seal

Fantasy Eagle Seal
Member reactions:
Awesome blend. Shadows from the wings would make it even better

Funny Baby Seal with Blue Eyes

Baby Seal with Blue Eyes

Funny Navy Seal with Gun

Navy Seal with Gun

Funny Arctic Seal Patrolman

Arctic Seal Patrolman

Funny Seals Swimming in Beer

Seals Swimming in Beer

Funny Monkey and Seal Myth Busted

Monkey and Seal Myth Busted

Funny Wolf and Seal Hybrid

Wolf and Seal Hybrid
Member reactions:
Good job creating this critter. I would darken the brightest areas on his head to match the rest of the body
Did a little overlay blending on the head

Funny Flying Pig Seal

Flying Pig Seal
Member reactions:
Sassy--I always enjoy trying to guess which entries are yours. If there is a common denominator for your chops, "Whimsical with a Twist" comes to mind.
. Thanks everyone. Rain, in almost all of my drawings and illustrations, if there's a frame around it you can bet something is outside/in front of the frame. Its sort of a trademark of mine...I can't stay within the lines. hehe Luna, I think your comments describes me to a 'T'. I am kinda whimsical and a bit twisted.
Con-oink-ulations Deb Maybe we need a bacon trophy for this one.
Great composition and typography. My favorite for this competition. Congrats.

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