Fractal Seal
Fractal Seal
Fractal Seal. full view please.

Funny Navy Seal Training Video Game

Navy Seal Training Video Game
Navy SEALs Punished For Videogame Consultation
Member reactions:
even kids can train Navy Seals very funny story
Great idea of training the soldiers good skills shown here

Funny Seals in a Bowl of Ocean

Seals in a Bowl of Ocean
Member reactions:
Really love this..Your idea works well..awesome
Very Lovely the representation of the whole sea and its creatures in a bowl well presented

Funny Scared Navy seal

Scared Navy seal
OMG.. Dont make me afraid Look at that Sea-Lions face expression
Member reactions:
Here its different., the expressive and big eyes very funny to see this
rajeshstar: Those are the Shrek's eye. balodiya: Glad you like it

Funny The New Seal Team

The New Seal Team
Thats who you call.
Member reactions:
Great title the Sea Team., nice to see all the creatures with Caps and its hilarious to see a couple over the tank
Nice. I just wish the dolphin heads on the hater had some shadows and reflections.

Funny Navy SEALS

Member reactions:
Good Job, both are doing a perfect job nicely blended hidden

Funny Old Navy Seal Team 81

Old Navy Seal Team 81

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden Seal Team 6

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Seal Team 6
I have another version of this that is, well, naughty but if you saw it you would pee your pants laughing but unfortunately it's not safe for work.
Member reactions:
Absolutely hilarious and super well done.
nice,love the bra ( only in this case )
hahah funny stuff nice touch with the bra

Funny Polar Dog Seal

Polar Dog Seal
Member reactions:
Is this why they call young seals pups. Nice work
Its not supposed to be cute for crying out loud, has anyone even read the contest rules.
maybe the creator thinks that it is hideous because he hates... fin or something.. ugly cause it is unnatural.
Nice. Well done. But it could be a little less cute.We need ugly.

Funny Baby Elephant Seal

Baby Elephant Seal
Member reactions:
Interesting, that's about all I can say. great thought.

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