Pushy Sky TV Salesman
Pushy Sky TV Salesman
Pushy Sky TV Salesman. Member reactions:
Cool composition, but I would decrease the opacity on the sat dish and on sat receiver box.
Thanks, There was somthing about it niggling me and I couldnt put my finger on it. great advice. we come for the competitions and stay for the advice.

Funny TV Salesman in Old Painting

TV Salesman in Old Painting
Member reactions:
The remote in his hand and his face expression makes it a perfect composition.

Funny James Bond Watch Salesman

James Bond Watch Salesman

Funny Wall Street Bull Salesman

Wall Street Bull Salesman

Funny Car Salesman

Car Salesman
Used Car Salesman, starting with his own cars.
Member reactions:
"Only one lady owner missus, cheap at half the price."

Funny Salesman Clinton

Salesman Clinton
Member reactions:
Very, very nice. I really like it. Still using that peephole in the door. Looks like you need a high-tech security camera. If you buy a copy of Bill's book, he will include a security camera and free installation.

Funny Donald Trump Car Salesman

Donald Trump Car Salesman
Would fit right in the Sunday paper...

Funny Car Salesman Yasser Arafat

Car Salesman Yasser Arafat
If you can't trust a political terrorist, who can you trust. A used car salesman.

Funny Saddam Used Cars Salesman

Saddam Used Cars Salesman
Tell ya what I'm gonna do...

Funny Harrison Ford the Salesman On the Road

Harrison Ford the Salesman On the Road

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