Mt Rushmore
Mt Rushmore
Mt Rushmore.

Funny Rushmore Waterfall

Rushmore Waterfall
Member reactions:
That looks awesome. I wish it was really like that.
Very cool take on Mt Rushmore, well done.

Funny Mount Rushmore in 2017

Mount Rushmore in 2017
Member reactions:
Rather see Trump then Killary's nasty face. Cute pic.
Love this. Really great satire. Adding to faves

Funny Rushmore

Member reactions:
Rocks..... Sorry, I couldn't resist Honestly you could call this the most creative in show

Funny Martin Luther King on Mt Rushmore

Martin Luther King on Mt Rushmore
Member reactions:
This has the potential to be one of the best of Mt Rushmore. If you look at the other heads they are embedded in the rock, not full statue skulls. Set it back past the ears. Look at the Rock markings on the other faces, take some of that and blend it in to Mr King's forehead and cheeks to tie it into the mountain. It's too pure as it sits. Another hour and it could look as if they really added him to the mountain.
very clever. agreeing with the above suggestion
Thank you deaddog, I tried to follow your advice
Nice edit great idea, toned down the tie knot too. Excellent job
Congrats on the cup, well deserved. As for the advice, congrats for taking it, seeing it, and doing it.
Congrats on the Bronze Denlig. It looks very real, great job.
One of the best in the show, it literally rocks. Congrats n the bronze Denlig.
Amazing and creative chop, congrats on the Bronze ^^

Funny Green Mount Rushmore

Green Mount Rushmore
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Funny Barack Obama on Mt Rushmore

Barack Obama on Mt Rushmore

Funny Upside Down Mt Rushmore

Upside Down Mt Rushmore
Legend has it the rainwater which collects in their nostrils has medicinal properties.
Member reactions:
That nose water is great. The hopping Indians out there sell it for $3.00 a bottle. I put some on my head and grew all my hair back. I can't wait to get another bottle, I'm going to put it on my
Beautificent. ...and a great legend to go with it.
My wife says the same thing about the rainwater in her nose...but I don't believe her. Nicely done pacovilla.

Funny Mt Rushmore Under Cover

Mt Rushmore Under Cover
Notice: Citizens who inadvertently look at closed monuments during the shutdown are expected to mail applicable park fees to the Department of Interior, Washington, D.C. Thank you, -The NSA, Yourtown, USA
Member reactions:
High praise, considering the sources. Thank you.
It seems to me you used the same sheet for the 4 faces
OK. Thanks for the critique.

Funny Google on Mt Rushmore

Google on Mt Rushmore
Google's next venture
Member reactions:
Good work on the stone engraving of Google
Google Technology: Back to the basics. Good one

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