Roy Orbison Free Range Poultry Truck
Roy Orbison Free Range Poultry Truck
Roy Orbison Free Range Poultry Truck. BEST VIEW source images
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Excellent. Top 5 congrats but could have just as easily won one of the cups.
Top 5 congrats, Billy Mac. This should have scored WAY higher.

Funny Siegfried and Roy Policemen

Siegfried and Roy Policemen
Member reactions:
Yes it is. I called Joni in to see this and she roared.

Funny Roy's Revenge

Roy's Revenge
I guess Roy still has some issues about the accident... Please View Full Sources I know this is really cruel and I really do love animals (especially tigers) but I just couldn't let this go...
Member reactions:
very very clever idea and of course knowledge of art mate, way to go.
Hahaha Glad you didn't let it go, Hamid, really great chop. Congrads on the silver.
Congrats hamid. puuur-fect blend. Cruel. No. Funny. Yes. He loves those tigers, but I'm sure he's got a little hatred deep down after the mauling. Great work.
hamiddddd very very nice chop .. congratulations
Silver congratulations, Hamid. You skinned that tiger well

Funny Siegfried & Roy's To-Do List

Siegfried & Roy's To-Do List
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Hhahhahahahh, I guess that list comes next. Made me laugh

Funny Help Wanted Siegfried and Roy

Help Wanted Siegfried and Roy
Is there a doctor in the house. Please view in full.
Member reactions:
Easilly could have, Pree. Irreverant and really funny chop
Hahhahaah, I had a sneaking suspicion this was your's KB LLMFAO

Funny Roy with a White Tiger

Roy with a White Tiger
News Link
Member reactions:
the tiger's belly.

Funny Energizer Bunny with Roy Rogers

Energizer Bunny with Roy Rogers
Member reactions:
Great satire here. GarRobMobil.

Funny Roy Clark Superman

Roy Clark Superman
Also known as Super HeeHawman. Faster than a speeding Lulu, stronger than Minnie Pearl, and able to pick and grin in a single chord. Dial BR549 and bray like a donkey for an appearance in your cornfield.

Funny Chew Roy

Chew Roy
Link Thank you BruceLeroy for a great idea.
Member reactions:
Once upon a time in a country, not so far away...
yay. I never found a good source for the one I wanted to do, glad someone cough hygglo cough used it.
oops, double post.

Funny Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers
Dale & Dubya
Member reactions:
"When my time comes, just chop me out and put Dubya up there next to Dale, just as though nothing had ever changed."
"We're gonna ride off into the sunset on dear ole Trigger."

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