The Tiger on the Rock
The Tiger on the Rock
The Tiger on the Rock. Of all the beautiful big cats, I think tigers are the most beautiful. Digital Art
Member reactions:
Thank you for your comments, CraftyOne, balodiya, lucianomorelll, and NewsMaster.
Very Nice Joan,I love this one.Very impressive skills you have

Funny Elephant on a Rock In The Sky

Elephant on a Rock In The Sky
Member reactions:
Gee, you'd think ye saw a mouse,,,, Get down from there.
Very nice, but the end of it's trunk needs fix.
Ty. Hobbit I'll take a look. oops...poor fella had his nose on upside-down...
I had a problem with my nose once when the boss stopped too quick. I bet that's what happened here.
"I'm not falling for that one you silly bird. I weight more than the dang bridge." Congrats on a fine chop and silver cup, SS. All sorts of stories can be spun from this effort
Cute one SplatShot,congrats on the silver
Thanks Swash, Lu, Joan, Andrew, Bob, Gums, Hobbit, and Andwhat. Thanks, Hits. This was definitely a fun chop. Thanks Kellie...
Very cool chop Splat. Grats on the silver.
Thanks, Funkwood. Thanks very much, Shiva.

Funny Happy Easter on 3rd Rock From the Sun

Happy Easter on 3rd Rock From the Sun
was watching on Netflix and it came to me.

Funny Elvis Playing all Roles in Jailhouse Rock

Elvis Playing all Roles in Jailhouse Rock
If ya can't find a partner get a wooden chair. Always thought that funny.
Member reactions:
Black and white is an art form in itself Lucido.. This is well proportioned. Well done Swashbuckle.
Thanx AS, et al. The Shadow Shark always leaves his mark. Jailhouse Rock was not in color. I didn't realize there was a penalty for it. Silly me.

Funny Gene Simmons the King of Air Guitar Rocks Out

Gene Simmons the King of Air Guitar Rocks Out
A good tune, a good sound, and some good moves make everyone a solo star - of air guitar. Personally, I play air drums and air keyboards as well. Respectably. Not world class, but not bad.
Member reactions:
Colors jump at you, with great mix of nice and bizarre.
Great job. Love the trophy with the air bubble
This rocks. Love your comment about playing the air drums and keyboards. I do that sometimes, but not too good

Funny Jailhouse Barcode Rock

Jailhouse Barcode Rock
Member reactions:
Cool idea and the black and white mode is perfect for it too.

Funny Barack Obama Rock by Magritte

Barack Obama Rock by Magritte
Member reactions:
Excellent texture, crown doesn't match a lot.

Funny Alien Rock Guitarist

Alien Rock Guitarist
Member reactions:
Interesting alien. I would love to see the sources.
Very well done. Your guitar is alive with electricity.
great work,
Super musical concept with the Alien to the Metal flame, totally rocking
What can I say. Rocks, double rocks, triple rocks. Did you build that guitar out od parts. That is wicked looking. Ever think of turning some of your stuff into posters. Congrats on the silver you scoundrel, you got me again hahahahaha Well done my master funk
Congratulations, Funkwood. Aliens are very popular round here. Real Good Stuff.
Ultra cool effects. I can almost hear the spacey licks this dude is layin' down
Whhooohooo... great stuff funkwood. Congrats.
Impressive composition and light and shadow work. Congrats on the silver, Funk.

Funny Matthew McConaughey Sitting on a Rock in the Sea

Matthew McConaughey Sitting on a Rock in the Sea

Funny Mutant Rock Band

Mutant Rock Band
Most sources
Member reactions:
Absolutely beautiful and freaky job done like the one eye concept and the peircing and stitching on the skin is awesome too good to show the rock style band
Fabulous chop,I have no words to explain for this chop,Brilliant work...
Too freaking wild, great imagination, congrats.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. Creatively freaky.
Fantastic, Jere. the freak in the middle is my favorite.

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