Pulling a Rickshaw Through the Forest Primeval
Pulling a Rickshaw Through the Forest Primeval
Pulling a Rickshaw Through the Forest Primeval. It was suppose to be a short-cut.
Member reactions:
How are they goin to pass that tree in the middle.
Great idea and Execution. But you should adopt shadows, Lighting. I still see some hard and rough edges in the wheel. Finally i agree with Evirio.
Thanks for your comments, fellows.

Funny Ghost Rider Rickshaw

Ghost Rider Rickshaw
Member reactions:
What Marin and Newsy said Great Edit.
What Marin, Newsy and Krrish said and maybe more...
Congrats on the win, Robin. You first gold with us. Go Canada.
thank you newsmaster and thanks to everyone for voting for me.....looks like I'm goin to tim hortons
One for the Canadian guy-Congratulations.

Funny Blade Runner Rickshaw

Blade Runner Rickshaw
Member reactions:
Technically a superb chop, but you were supposed to use the source photo at least a bit. Perhaps edit the cart to change some of its elements for those in the source photo.
thanks newsmaster...actually the original rickshaw is still there just souped up with all the new parts...you can still see a bit of the seat and some of the carriage behind the woman...but if you think it will hurt my score i will change it...
OK, leave it as it is then. I just hope voters will be careful enough to see the original bits.
thnx so much newsmaster this was how it was meant to be. ...thanx geriatric.
Thanks NewsMaster. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Funny Elvis Rickshaw Pulled by Flamingo

Elvis Rickshaw Pulled by Flamingo
Member reactions:
Out of sight..... Funny, clever... Another example of so many excellent entries in this contest. The quality is such it looks like it is an advanced contest.
Hilarious. Nice details in full view, like the pink doggy in the background.
I like this alot jim .. congrats on the woody and keep up nice work

Funny Rickshaw Hummer Car

Rickshaw Hummer Car
Member reactions:
Lovely work. Excactly what I had in my mind as I read the contest directions and thought about... Great work with the light and the added "chinese parts". Can you change the reflections on the window(s) and the engine hood, please. I still can see the buildings... instead of them there should be the nice evening sky
Thanks TiredTom, I'll try, If I find the time. For now try to imagine the vehicle is reflecting buildings outside the viewers field of view.
Freaking awesome The combination of these so different vehicles looks so natural here
Congrats on the golden Hummer, funkster. Can I get a ride.
Thanx all, i also see a few areas that could use improvement too. Tom had a good idea about the sky relecting on the windsheild instead of buildings, just couldn't find the time to change it. Also the radiator could have been moved over a bit, the fenders straightened a bit and the poles leading up to the vinyl canopy cleaned up a bit. All that said, thanks for your votes. (it feels good to critique myself once in a while, .) Oh yeah, one more thing, The moon is in front of the clouds, which is virtually impossible.
In a normal world, the moon/clouds could not exist like that....but in a FW creation(alien environments supremo), this is totally acceptable and almost expected from you.
Excellent composition... Congrats on the well deserved victory funkwood
waaw waaw waaaw really amazing work, i like it congats friend.

Funny Fancy Rickshaw

Fancy Rickshaw
The new GM Rickshaws were a hit with the passengers, not so much with the operators.
Member reactions:
nice one. gradient that shadow out and/or soften it up a bit and you've got a great entry.
Excellent job. Freakshow is right about the gradient. Well done.

Funny Rickshaw Rims

Rickshaw Rims
The changes were subtle at first.

Funny Donald Trump Pulling a Man in a Rickshaw

Donald Trump Pulling a Man in a Rickshaw
the right amount of money can buy almost anything.

Funny Boys Pulling a Rickshaw

Boys Pulling a Rickshaw
Member reactions:
Nice change removed the horse and kids were replace instead... Lol

Funny Rickshaw Meets a Bear in the Moonlight

Rickshaw Meets a Bear in the Moonlight

Funny Rickshaw

Photoshop this rickshaw image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-dressing the rickshaw, making the rickshaw perform some stunts, putting the rickshaw or his cart into some unusual environment, using this rickshaw image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Carter McKendry for providing the source photo.

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