Redneck Fund
Redneck Fund
Redneck Fund. Member reactions:
Great one, now why does my monitor have coffee all over it

Funny Redneck

Gates teaches kids how to get rid of hackers once and for all...
Member reactions:
His face is a bit bright and could use some shadow too.

Funny Honey Boo Boo with a Chainsaw in The Devil's Rednecks Movie

Honey Boo Boo with a Chainsaw in The Devil's Rednecks Movie
Starring Honey Boo Boo,Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy.
Member reactions:
I like the concept, but the whole chop is a tad blurry

Funny Jerry Spriner with a Redneck Hot Tub

Jerry Spriner with a Redneck Hot Tub
Jerry Springer presents The Redneck Hot Tub.
Member reactions:
They just followed the Jerry's advice: "take care of yourself, and each other"
Yup, although health and safety inspectors would have strokes.

Funny Redneck Swimming Pool

Redneck Swimming Pool
I use to love to spend the summer at Grandma's house. They had a swimming pool and she made the best brownies.
Member reactions:
Oh my God. I think I met a family like this in SC where I lived years back. This is the true meaning of HILLBILLY.
One man's track is a redneck's treasure. Good one, Gummy.
Shoot, I want to go out and find me an old dumpster now. I have a small out board motor to turn it into a whirlpool.

Funny Lake Front Redneck Trailer

Lake Front Redneck Trailer
FREE Reading Glasses Ah, Life is good.
Member reactions:
Love the boat anchor. Nice Jeff Foxworthy theme.

Funny Old Redneck Woman with her Hunting Trophies

Old Redneck Woman with her Hunting Trophies

Funny Redneck Olympics

Redneck Olympics
Redneck Olympics Story
Member reactions:
Good chop interesting story. Here in Georgia, we have "Red neck games" every year (in fact your source photos are actually from the redneck games in East Dublin Georgia along the Oconee river). I would have to agree with the host of the redneck olympics in maine, Its a word, and shouldn't belong to anyone in particular. What about the "special Olympics." It is not affiliated with the Olympics, and they let them keep and use that name. And Olympics are world wide, not American event, so why does this group get to have exclusive rights to the word. Interesting story, thanks for doing it. Good luck
PS, you may also kinda find it funny, that I have used the dude in your pic before in this chop here and was my second ever entry here on FreakingNews a couple years ago, and it's great chops like this that keep me coming back

Funny A Redneck Duct Tape Sneaker

A Redneck Duct Tape Sneaker
A Redneck Sneaker

Funny RedNeck and Car

RedNeck and Car
Member reactions:
Interesting, but somehow it looks like the guy's had is leaning on the car which is located way behind him

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