Playing Redneck Pac-Man
Playing Redneck Pac-Man
Playing Redneck Pac-Man. Member reactions:
The 'active-response' solution to problem solving; love the concept and execution. Good luck HIDDEN.
Congrats on the gold Xaos54, awesome chop.
Xaos54 i really really like this congrats..
Congrats on the win, Chaos. This wonderful chop falls into "SHOOT 'EM ALL" catregory.

Funny Redneck Space Vehicle

Redneck Space Vehicle
Full view please. Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent work. No doubt, here is the winner. Although I do not like the bottom has been saturated, I suppose, with some effect. He shows rare images in general. I think if you favor the change. For me it's the best job. Congratulations ......
Fixed. Thank you Taita.I hope you like it now.
REAL rednekks don't care where the car comes from --- just as long as duct tape sticks. Excellent chop.
Yeah.No matter where does it come from. I'm a real redneck maaan. Yeehaaaaa..
Homlok congrat. powerful vehickkkle..
I like it but the front engine part seems to be detached from the car....would be cooler if they melded together.
Congrats Homlok. Nice effects in this pic.
Thanks guys. Funkwood.I'll send you a link when your idea have made. I think thats OK. I had no more time to realise the final pic.
That's cool Homolk , Congrats and keep going to the best
Great. German rednecks would drive this, ... The Trabant - known as Trabi - was produced in former East Germany, the last one in 1991. From time to time I see this Oldie driving around... Trabant Congrats on the trophy, Homlok. Cool car
This work deserves more than a fourth. Really surprised. Do not understand.

Funny Redneck Airplane

Redneck Airplane
Redneck physics - You take a bunch of vacuum cleaners, turn them up side down and get sucked into the air. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Love the whole construction, but especially the loo pilot chair. Fueled by natural gas.
If heaven has a red hue, because the ground is green.. From my point of view, the floor should have a reddish color.
congrats fleek. Nice work.... I guess my critique is that the background image has too much contrast and competes with the foreground image for attention. But great creativity shown here.
Freaking Amazing .. congrats on the bronze fleek ps.why I can't see your comments on entries . you can't speak english . we wanna hear from you too man keep going
Haha, great stuff. For sure the most funny image in this contest - congratulations on Bronze, fleek.

Funny Air Redneck - Airplane

Air Redneck - Airplane
Hes a mighty proud of his flyin thinga machina......
Member reactions:
well now lookee there... thats one sweet ride
Sweet blending. I remember that bearded guy from years ago.
that's was great try matro , keep up top works

Funny If Rednecks Ruled The Space Program

If Rednecks Ruled The Space Program
Party prior to every launch SOURCE
Member reactions:
Our airline motto is: "This bud's for you."
really great Try DDB , keep up nice works

Funny Redneck Airlines

Redneck Airlines
Please view in full res to really appreciate
Member reactions:
No fat chicks sign.

Funny Redneck House in the Country

Redneck House in the Country
Punk Hairdo:
Member reactions:
Quality composition - gives a special mood. I like the chosen color pattern here

Funny Redneck Family on a Couch

Redneck Family on a Couch
Member reactions:
LoL Like the family portraits around the place
I like the pizza on the floor with the rats . Hilarious idea.

Funny Redneck Lawn Mower Killer

Redneck Lawn Mower Killer
This story is a must read. Rednecks will be rednecks. Drunk man shoots lawn mower and faces 6 years in jail. main source lawn mower source Please view in full and check out the sources...thanks.
Member reactions:
Good work

Funny Redneck David Beckham with a Bottle of Whiskey

Redneck David Beckham with a Bottle of Whiskey
Member reactions:
I like all the little 'extras' in the back there.

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