Camel Rat Hybrid Near the Pyramids
Camel Rat Hybrid Near the Pyramids
Camel Rat Hybrid Near the Pyramids. Member reactions:
lovely blend ... like the desert rat-camel a new bread generated...
Think how much longer it would have taken to build them if they'd found these endangered critters there.

Funny Pink Rat in Ratatouille Movie

Pink Rat in Ratatouille Movie
Member reactions:
This is superb one really so wonderful to see the delicious dishes and the dancing mouse looks so gracey really good
Mr. Cook in pink mood, nice cooking hidden
Very nice see that job on the "top five". Congrats, nepaguy59

Funny McDonalds Rat Burgers

McDonalds Rat Burgers
I think I may have eaten at this one.
Member reactions:
My Quote for this "Add little spice to the Flavor" Rat Population is more than this World Population, this would be good idea to create Rat Burgers,Pizza etc.

Funny Cat Looking at a Trapped Rat

Cat Looking at a Trapped Rat
Member reactions:
You are NOT having my cheese, me neither.
Forgot to check at High Res... darned little painting errors.

Funny Rat Voyage Across the Sea

Rat Voyage Across the Sea
Member reactions:
This is too cool
Fantastic good concept the rats were really cool particularly that rat with a hat near the navigation wheel great job Hidden really love this chop
Awesome work, so professional. I like the team work and the background is adorable, love it
Excellent Composed Cute Little Rats looks amaze
Very pretty, rats scare me half to death but these are cute, a real achievement.
Congratulations.If there is an animal portrayed in the image-it's, probably, a Preemiememe chop.
Congrats Pree . I was sure it was you . Nice job .
Congrats Preemie...stone ships make short trips, .

Funny Sewer Worker Nicolas Sarkozy with a Rat

Sewer Worker Nicolas Sarkozy with a Rat
Ratatouille enjoys being with Mr Sarkozy.
Member reactions:
Hey this job is more stress and less interesting but you can get a lot of entertainment by the Rodents good job in putting a Rodent there looks cute
He is really working very hard out there Good job

Funny White House Rats

White House Rats
They love fooling Obama with money and then using thier little weapons on him.
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha RatHouse good job, nice work with wall pictures as well

Funny Rat Combat

Rat Combat
* Rats in Army
Member reactions:
I like this one...I struggle with where the soldier's metal detector is going......
Freaking awesome, so the Bomb squared appointed a brave Disposer in the Army, Brave job Love the work on specs foggy looks. and nice to see the ears gettin out from the cap
Dog duty has been replaced by the rats Excellent Composition very well done
Excellent concept to catch the Land Mines using the Rats, very funny but a daring job And this rat in a helmet which a perfect fit with a goggles on it was a awesome idea
This picture is great,good details and i like the lighting in this picture.
Yeh you may thank all, but they sure as h311 won't be thanking you. All 1's on every entry, yes that is an insult and makes your wooden trophy very empty, just like your comment. The past 5 contests you hv entered (I didn't look further) you gave every entry a 1 & there were 9 gernerous (yes sarcasm) 2's given away. As a moderator here I would mail you to please take note of the voting guidelines and bring a better voting standard to the site, one that matches your work. But as it is I don't need to now.

Funny The Renegade Rat Soldier

The Renegade Rat Soldier
Member reactions:
The pants, for some reason, are hilarious.
I appreciate your work Hidden Freaking Awesome and flawless, Hilarious look.. One Mouse Army
This lil critter is so damn cute, well worked.
He looks like the rat version of RAMBO. Awesome work.
Excellent Job Done Real Soldier, the costume the weapon, everything looks greattttttt
Great to see this Rat in an Army Dress, what a freaking concpet executed here A Rat with a Machine Gun, Sword and a Granite launcher behind it looks as if a Daring and Dashing Hero fighting for the country very well done
Your fantasy animals are always fun. CongRATs.
The creator of this image please contact me

Funny Rat Cavalry Man

Rat Cavalry Man
Member reactions:
OMG what a freaking rat here, look at its hair and the expression is out of the box
Great facial expression with a Cow Boy hat and the Uniform is so professional its perfectly suites the whole image

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