School Boy Pencil Zombie
School Boy Pencil Zombie
School Boy Pencil Zombie. This is what happens when you leave my nephew alone with pencils.
Member reactions:
The nephew looks dangerous to be left alone, .

Funny Frog Pencil Sharpener

Frog Pencil Sharpener
Member reactions:
Good idea : try sticking the pencil, er, somewhere else, shavings coming from the side of the mouth, change bg to desktop .

Funny Pencils


Funny Pencil Mikado

Pencil Mikado
Member reactions:
I think some slight shadows to give it some depth would help a little.
It's hard to tell what was done without knowing what the source image(s) looked like.

Funny Pencil Syringe

Pencil Syringe

Funny Pencil Javelin

Pencil Javelin
Member reactions:
Reminds me of that vid where the guy took the javelin in the back
Nice but I would lower the saturation of the pencil.

Funny Olympic Pencils

Olympic Pencils

Funny Boys Using Pencil Stilts

Boys Using Pencil Stilts
Member reactions:
Newsy makes a good point, I would add to lower saturation just a touch to match source image. This is a very common technique when trying to blend close up pics into landscape (far)pics... Love the idea.

Funny Military Pencil

Military Pencil

Funny Sawing Pencils

Sawing Pencils

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