Obamacare prisoners
Obamacare prisoners
Obamacare prisoners.

Funny Obamacare Nuremberg

Obamacare Nuremberg
Member reactions:
Very nice military police
It must be more than "very nice" to receive a score of nine from you Armatien. According to the Freaking News VOTING guidelines FOR RATING ENTRIES, to score a nine the entry must be "Genius idea and extraordinary execution - something you may expect to see in magazines and media". Not just very nice.

Funny R.I.P. Obamacare

R.I.P. Obamacare
Trump Calls For Replacement Of Obamacare
Member reactions:
Let's hope that Trump has something decent to replace Obama Care with...

Funny Martin Luther King and his Obamacare Doctor

Martin Luther King and his Obamacare Doctor
Member reactions:
Broken head lamp and blood splatter a great touch, Woody congrats, Wanderer.

Funny Hillary Clinton the Obamacare Nurse

Hillary Clinton the Obamacare Nurse
Member reactions:
One woman to rule them all, one woman to bind them...
It can't be everything bad. She has to have at least something good.
Funny,creative chop,silver congrats Wanderer
HAH... Very fine job, Andrew... Congrats on the silver cup....

Funny Donald Trump Using Obamacare

Donald Trump Using Obamacare

Funny Martin Luther King Wants Obamacare Repealed

Martin Luther King Wants Obamacare Repealed
Member reactions:
Not sure about the blood shot eyes, Good job otherwise

Funny Barack Obama the ObamaCare Alchemist

Barack Obama the ObamaCare Alchemist
Member reactions:
I'd guess the viagra is to help him screw up the rest of the country.
Congrata, Andrew. Nice Chop'n. The character expressions are Great.
colorful image wanderer. lots of details. congrats.

Funny Man Under Obamacare

Man Under Obamacare
True story
Member reactions:
Looks like a stunning version of Hitman after the brutal beating of his “Hot Rod Hillary” chop... Obamacare and those cloud critters make him holla for help..
Love the monster in the clouds...looks a lotike my dog....this is really a work of art. Fantastic.
TY Mr. Woodbox, Swashbuckle, Jere, and Champ. Yes, quite a smack-down that was
Impressive artwork, and I think I recognize that patient.
Thanks Newsy, Eric and Luciano. Yes, it is a politically charged chop that is safer to use one's likeness rather than falsely represent with someone else's. CYOA
deserved win hits. must must be the awesome protagonist.
Congratz Hitman. A Fantastic piece of work. How many faces in the clouds. I count about 20
This is just how you feel before your first cup of coffee, right (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
Oh my God, Love it..... Congrats on the win....
Bob. There are at least 5 faces Champ and if you see 20 I want some of that Hahahahaah. Kidding of course, I have enough trouble with the alien voices Hehe. Thanks Bob, Champ, DDB and Hobbit.
Awesome chop Tim. Both funny and foreboding at the same time. Congrats on the GOLD..

Funny King of Obamacare

King of Obamacare
Sen Rand Paul suggests a wardrobe change for king Obama
Member reactions:
Quality work. Fixed the link for you, but it went to the main site http://redalertpolitics.com/ rather than some article
Jesters/fools meant to represent the public, thanks for comments guys.

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