Neckless Cristiano Ronaldo
Neckless Cristiano Ronaldo
Neckless Cristiano Ronaldo.

Funny Neckless Paula Abdul

Neckless Paula Abdul

Funny Neckless Heather Graham

Neckless Heather Graham
Member reactions:
well covered heather without its neck good one
Good looking chop. Well done on the cup.
Thank you all for your positive comments.

Funny Neckless Jay Leno

Neckless Jay Leno

Funny Neckless Camilla Parker Bowles

Neckless Camilla Parker Bowles

Funny Neckless Michelle Obama

Neckless Michelle Obama
Member reactions:
Very well done.... good cover of jewels for the shorter neck good job done

Funny Neckless Tiger Woods

Neckless Tiger Woods

Funny Prince Charles Neckless

Prince Charles Neckless

Funny Neckless Susan Sarandon

Neckless Susan Sarandon

Funny Neckless Keira Knightley

Neckless Keira Knightley
Member reactions:
Excellent kiddo, really good choice. Congrads on the gold

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