Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin
Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin
Presidential Museum Center of Boris Yeltsin. The Yeltsin Center, for which the Lorem Ipsum team created all the media content, is the first presidential museum in Russia. The materials presented in it tell not only about the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, but also about the fateful changes in the life of the country that took place at the end of the last century. In the process of working on the multimedia content of the museum, the Lorem Ipsum team did a gigantic job.
Member reactions:
Everything but the kitchen sink. Congrats on the Silver.
Lots of different elements in this..lots of work put in and all excellently blended job

Funny Dali Museum Seat

 Dali Museum Seat
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Twofur, Vic. My Favorite idea in this contest.
Got Funkwood written all over it. Grats again.

Funny Freaking News Historical Museum

Freaking News Historical Museum
Member reactions:
Criminally under rated. I appreciate the massive amount of work in this. The layers must have been nuts and you didn't loose any perceptible degradation. So clean as has always been the earmark of your work. Fair roads GRM, hope to see your work again someplace else. Cheers and be well
Nice tribute and well done, always clean & concise.

Funny At the museum

At the museum

Funny Fowl Museum

Fowl Museum
Member reactions:
Silver congrats Hobbit, Excellent Art Composit and OOB.
Congrats Hobbit. Excellent paintings as usual.
Super job, super freaky ... Congrats on the silver, Hobbit.
So great,I love this.Congrats on the silver hobbit

Funny Debate At The Museum

Debate At The Museum
Member reactions:
The eyes and lamps background is awesome.

Funny Hermitage Museum Food Art Show

Hermitage Museum Food Art Show
Member reactions:
new concept... good idea of putting it into a museum

Funny Kids Looking ata Dinosaur Statue in an Art Museum

Kids Looking ata Dinosaur Statue in an Art Museum
Some Sources
Member reactions:
Gee the one ten I give out wins. Congrats on the Gold.
Happy Birthday Bob..... Thanks for that 10. it offset the unfortunate 7's this received from a 300K, 200K and a 1K. Iwas in the lead the entire contest then last second drops from 9.3 to 8.5. I was crushed to the point of giving up. Then a miracle happened and it pulled back up. Bless you sir. Thanks HH and Evirio for the comment and votes.
Thanks Hobbit. zillions of layers and about a whole day to produce
Congrats on the win. Nicely done. I wasn't around for the voting on this contest, and I would have voted higher than a 7, but I don't think you can classify 7 votes as absurd. A vote is an opinion and 7 out of 10 is a pretty positive one. I hurts when voters don't give you the "love" that you think you deserve. And it's awful when people vote low on good entries to give their own entry a better chance. But voters with 200 and 300 karma didn't get those karma scores by voting unfairly. Congrats on the gold cup. You won it fair and square.
Thank you Andrew, thank you LC. Maybe you are right. I have been getting a lot of 7s. 7. Decent entry, much better than average. Strong idea and execution.
Congrats on the gold Hits . As I said, excellent .
Clever composition and magnificent blending - looks mighty impressive. Congrats on the gold, Hits.
Thanks for the close inspection, Ollie.

Funny Barack Obama Peeing in Vladimir Putin's Museum in Russia

Barack Obama Peeing in Vladimir Putin's Museum in Russia
Putin's Museum will be open soon in Russia
Member reactions:
Like the horse S coming out and Obama P spilling all over
Very cute and funny. Congrats on the silver, Andrew

Funny The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (Caravaggio) in Museum

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (Caravaggio) in Museum
Member reactions:
Decent work, but I would concentrate on the painting, and give it full space in the chop, or at least a bigger space

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