Kung Fu Panda Monkey 2
Kung Fu Panda Monkey 2
Kung Fu Panda Monkey 2.

Funny Monkey's of the Caribbean

Monkey's of the Caribbean

Funny The Devil Inside Monkey

The Devil Inside Monkey

Funny James Bond Monkey in Casino Royale

James Bond Monkey in Casino Royale
Member reactions:
Face fits Great, but his left hand/paw looks a little weird.

Funny Freddy Krueger Monkey

Freddy Krueger Monkey

Funny Monkey Frankenstein

Monkey Frankenstein
Member reactions:

Funny Orphan Monkey Movie

Orphan Monkey Movie

Funny Les MisÚrables with Monkeys

Les MisÚrables with Monkeys
Member reactions:
Very good job
Would have been perfect if the females had hair on their chests.
Congrats on the Silver and Wood.
Well thought an blended. Pro job. Congrats Mr. Assad...
Silver and Woody Congrats, Mrassad . Good job.

Funny Anger Management with Monkeys

Anger Management with Monkeys

Funny Monkeys and the Science of Evolution

Monkeys and the Science of Evolution
according to some the human race is the offspring of the great apes. I know this will upset some religious folk but it is what it is.
Member reactions:
Oh, my God. These creatures has a lot more smarts then most HUMANS.
In the process of evolution, some creatures live on and others die out. I hope man does not kill him/herself before we can evolve in a more positive direction.
Grabs One's Attention. I like the Mason Jar Idea. Great Art Ren.
That's just freaking strange hahahahah of course I love strange

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