Metallica Caricature
Metallica Caricature
Metallica Caricature. Member reactions:
He really put his neck out for his music.
Thank you very much RICKYTREK1. I am happy that you liked.
Thank you very very much PixJockey. I'm glad for you have liked.
Nice work . . . especially like the depth of field and lighting effects . . .
Thank you very much pcrdds, I'm glad for you liked.

Funny Metallica - A Group Caricature

Metallica - A Group Caricature
Source Photo
Member reactions:
Outstanding Job have to Agree with Goat My Fav Band 2
ooohhh, long time no see,what a golden time, beautiful piece.
great my friend
This looks like the next cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Totally professional work.
Congratulations RWP. No surprise who is King-of-the Caricature.
Congrats on the gold rwpike...excellent work.
Congrats. I roll with the goat,my fav to.

Funny Metallica Gets A New Member

Metallica Gets A New Member

Funny Elvis Presley Singing with Metallica

Elvis Presley Singing with Metallica
Member reactions:
Great integration, looks like real concert photo.

Funny Retro Metallica Album Cover

Retro Metallica Album Cover
Their guitar power chords are now with electric organs and tambourines.
Member reactions:
This is so cool but they don't look like Metallica for me. I love the concept.
Have to agree that it's hard to recognize Metallica here, but it's the impressive poster style work.
Old metallica photo here, hair colors match and looks like vintage Metallica to me.

Funny Metallica President

Metallica President
...and justice for all.

Funny Rick Santorum the Drummer for Metallica

Rick Santorum the Drummer for Metallica
Santorum replaces Lars Ulrich as the drummer for Metallica

Funny Butterfly Metallica

Butterfly Metallica
Just for the people who don't know...These two gentlemen are Lars Ulrich & James Hetfield from Metallica. I was just goofin' around.

Funny Metallica Against Music Piracy

Metallica Against Music Piracy
Remember Napster....
Member reactions:
BE careful with head scaling and transformation. Funny idea though.

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