Soldiers Holding Up Pisa Tower at Iwo Jima Memorial
Soldiers Holding Up Pisa Tower at Iwo Jima Memorial
Soldiers Holding Up Pisa Tower at Iwo Jima Memorial. OK. We might as well straighten that one out.
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Congratulations, Tarkus, - a beautiful win.
I lost Karma by giving this an 8, but it was well worth it, great Job...

Funny The Lincoln Mummy Memorial

The Lincoln Mummy Memorial

Funny Teddy Roosevelt Memorial

Teddy Roosevelt Memorial
Teddy at Teddy Roosevelt's (his namesake's)grave. If you notice tomorrow is also his birthday. How ironic. Happy 149th Birthday Teddy. teddy's grave source
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Cute and timely, might want to burn/darken some of the white edging on the left side of the bear nearest to the headstone.

Funny Memorial Day Protests

Memorial Day Protests
Link Here Its just For Memorial Day
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Thank you Skorp , Please see full you can find the innocent face of the robert in the marble
i miss see this more highter

Funny Memorial Day Statue Surrounded by Soldiers

Memorial Day Statue Surrounded by Soldiers
A moment of silent tribute to our fallen brethren. Please view full
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they need to make one like this for the fallen solders. Awesome work.

Funny Women on Memorial Day Painting

Women on Memorial Day Painting
For the mothers, daughters & sisters serving our country.
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Say thank you before it's too late. Memorial Day 2007
this is an absolutly awesome chop, thanks for the great piece of art
Quality work. But what's happening where they hold hands together. It seems lika part of the hand is deleted.
Newsy, I think maybe you're seeing the hair of the little girl that is covering the older girls hand. In the Original I think she's hugging her. In mine, her hand is supposed to appear as if it's underneath the older girls hand.
I see now - all looks good. I confused the hair lock with the masking debris from the uniform.

Funny George Washington Crying on Memorial Day

George Washington Crying on Memorial Day
See full size for sharper and bigger image.
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You have to look carefuly to see the tear.
Full size and you can see it easily

Funny Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute
Thanks to all our soldiers who are serving our country...
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woooooooow dude thi is awsome well in full view the flag in the botom is diferent but sytill nice entry
The concept is powerful, but masking on the flag may need more work.

Funny Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
The steps of the Lincoln Memorial will never be looked at the same... PS note: Source
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Nice entry, people look a little too sharp.
oops :*
People might need a little desaturation, but otherwise looks real real.
Nancy Pelosi breaks wind in the monument and tourists flee leaving THEIR skidmarks in the snow ......
Republicans are on a very Slippery Slope these daze..
A Monumental time in D.C. it just SLEIGHS me..

Funny Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial
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Yeah... like he said one million times :"I was in Vietnam ."

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