London 2012 Logo
London 2012 Logo
London 2012 Logo. Member reactions:
Great concept. The dancers make perfect circles.
Nice...and let's see how the judges score for this Olympic event.
Congratulations on your first trophy, eye.

Funny General Motors New Logo

General Motors New Logo
A Risky Bankruptcy Looms for GM

Funny Green Coca-Cola Logo

Green Coca-Cola Logo

Funny New Ryanair Logo

New Ryanair Logo
U.K. Airline May Be First to Install Pay Toilets
Member reactions:
the new John logo.

Funny Ford Ferrari Logo

Ford Ferrari Logo

Funny Fiat Jeep Logo

Fiat Jeep Logo

Funny Man Surfing on the Nike Logo

Man Surfing on the Nike Logo

Funny Ogle Google Logo

Ogle Google Logo

Funny Blue Freaking News Logo

Blue Freaking News Logo
Member reactions:
Excellent, but I'd make this bigger by getting rid of the white space on the right
Yea I know just what you mean, I debated for ages about taking it out then decided to keep it as the page is. Thanks

Funny Freakingnews Logo Tornado

Freakingnews Logo Tornado
At first sight this looks like an odd tornado, but if you view closely you'll see I made the tornado out of thousands of freakingnews logos (only logos nothing else).
Member reactions:
Love the full view. If I had a penny for every logo there, I'd retire

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