Lemur Astronaut Having Lunch in Space
Lemur Astronaut Having Lunch in Space
Lemur Astronaut Having Lunch in Space. Mouse lemurs primarily eat fruit, although their diet also includes insects
Member reactions:
Hahahahah Andrew. Good source choice. Nice build too. Congrats
Thank you, Master Sergeant and Master Hitspinner.
Congrats on the silver, Andrew. Nice motion effects

Funny Lemur Riding a Unicorn

Lemur Riding a Unicorn
Member reactions:
Nice work, hidden ... If you're going to edit, I suggest that you switch the shadow on the lemur's leg to the opposite side in keeping with the given light source. Also, the way you have the hand holding the staff seems a little strange.
Awesome background and super cool placement on Horse
Qtrmoonshop is correct, otherwise wonderful chop.
Congrats on the Silver, Elegary.. Nice job
Quality work, congrats on the silver, Elegary.

Funny Lemur to the Rescue

Lemur to the Rescue
Member reactions:
Cool atmosphere even if I'm not sure I got the story
One of the best in the contest. Love it, though I feel sorry for the killed lemur
Tks sully and eric and luciano, the story is pretty lame, just a shot from the movie Charlie's Angles, were the karate expert, Lemur, comes to the rescue
Many thanks for your vote of confidence, and appreciation of my work News Master.. And yea I felt for the lemur too, but I needed something to put in the hoodlum's hand, and this extra lemur head was floating around...

Funny Barack Obama with a Lemur

Barack Obama with a Lemur
Member reactions:
Decent work, but I would stay away from full symmetry

Funny Lemur Playing an Accordian

Lemur Playing an Accordian
Member reactions:
Most excellent. Just one nit-picking thing...make the fingers go under the holding strap.
Wonderful I love the worn look and feel to all of the elements including that "funky", well traveled suitcase, heh, heh The lighting FX are once again quite excellent. I agree with Doc, the strap should go across the back of the hand with the fingers near the keys. - High marks indeed.
Super.. mood work. Squeeze.. it must be Expanded instead. wonderful work here
Perfect composition for subject, lights, shadows, atmosphere...Love it
Congratulations on the Gold, Funkwood.. A wonderful work of art with the source pic..
Some Funky Grats are in order.
One fantastic picture, love it and congrats on the win.
Such a nice feel to this. Seems like a character from a children's book.
Gold congrats, Mr. Funkmeister. Well deserved, of course.
A total eye-candy for lemurs and humans alike. I'd put the holding strap over the hand too, but that is just a minor detail.
Thanks all. I have to admit I had a chuckle over the hand and strap thing..So many people mentioned it, I guess I should've fixed it...But even I get lazy sometimes .
If you'd fixed it, you might have gotten a better score. I guess you'll just have to settle for the paltry 9.827 that you got.

Funny Lemur Doing Yoga

Lemur Doing Yoga
Member reactions:
Funky. I'd make the standing lemur much bigger and give him a stronger shadow on the ground

Funny Baby Lemur Shopping with Daddy

Baby Lemur Shopping with Daddy
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Wanderer. Great pic of vintage bike
Cute fellas. The shadows are done nicely here, Andrew.

Funny Skateboarding Lemur

Skateboarding Lemur
Member reactions:
Pretty cool but something is strange - the shadows have shadows here. There's a standard shadow tool in photoshop or any editing software, and there you can control the angle, distance, transparency, and edge softness.

Funny Batman Lemur

Batman Lemur

Funny Lemur with a Dinosaur

Lemur with a Dinosaur
Giant lemurs and dinosaurs unite and take over the world

Funny Leaping Lemur

Leaping Lemur
Through 11 years of photoshop contests we never had one about lemurs, thus we feel we have been unfairly ignoring this wonderful animal, and are going to correct this mistake today. Lemurs are playful nocturnal creatures. Because they live in trees, their hands and legs are designed to climb and swing, not to walk on ground. Thus when they have to move on the ground, they walk awkwardly funny, and appear to strike poses as if they knew martial arts. Their are named after the ghosts of Romany mythology for their nocturnal habits, reflective eyes, and spooky sounds they make to communicate. Unfortunately out of nearly 100 species of lemurs, most are endangered species, mainly due to deforestation. Photoshop this leaping lemur any way you wish.

Funny Lemur

Photoshop this lemur image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging this lemur with some other animals or objects, making the lemur perform some stunts, placing this lemur into some new environment, using this lemur image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Zsolt Zatrok Dr. and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Lemur

It's photoshop a lemur time. Your mission is to show just how truly smart these little monkeys are. Show a lemur doing something intelligent, educational or an activity displaying their brainpower.

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