Vladimir Putin the Dangerous Leader
Vladimir Putin the Dangerous Leader
Vladimir Putin the Dangerous Leader. Paranoia
Member reactions:
Excellent expression of Putin and his different types of warnings is really stunning... Like the bullet shots on the coke can and some denials on Mac fries
Excellent caricature. Love the words inside smoke
Congrads on the Cup, always wonderful to look at, fun job.
Amazing stuff. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.

Funny Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader Superman

Kevin McCarthy GOP Leader Superman
Kevin McCarthy tapped as the new Grand Old Party (GOP) lead man McCarthy leads GOP
Member reactions:
Yes he is. He saved my life. TY for commenting.
Great job. So will he run for the office in 2016.
I hope so. He is a truly decent guy. Thank you NM, Luciano and Balodiya. It would be nice to chop some new faces other than Obama, Biden and Hillary and Pilosi. I am so done with their images.
Yep, had higher hopes for this one since it was less art more news of the weekish. Tried some softer tones, too. Got my answer thanks all

Funny Political Leader Direction Signs

Political Leader Direction Signs
Member reactions:
Even the great leaders needs directions good use of the sign posts

Funny World Leaders Putting Obama in the Electric Chair

World Leaders Putting Obama in the Electric Chair
Joe " Are we really gonna plug it in . "
Member reactions:
Like the Classical art touch given to the pic
Hey, I didn't win but Im flattered that FN put me first in line and I did this for laughs so I hope that's what I accomplished :0). Than k yuou all for the nice comments :0)
Ha. Good one. I agree..give Gummy the plug.
Nah, B&W chops rarely do win but you win the most clever chop award and the feature spot. Great idea and execution
Thank you Hitspinner. Commin from a pro like you that means a lot :0)
Honestly.. one of the best political chops I've seen in a while.
, Thanks NewsMaster I really appreciate all the nice comments. This site is really fun and has some great people running the site and a TON of talented people to learn from. and NewsMaster I also became and Independent this year

Funny Mr.Sayyed Hezbollah Leader

Mr.Sayyed Hezbollah Leader
Hezbollah leader slams Israel in rare public speech
Member reactions:
really hilarious Coke and Fat works together as his protective and supportive weapons for this leader
Nice job, though the image could be bigger

Funny World Leaders Playing Poker

World Leaders Playing Poker
full view. sources
Member reactions:
Excellent... Putin with his finger in the trigger guard sealed the deal for me. Lol.
Thanks Bmore. It's probably my favorite part as well.
Looks like a Royal Flush beating Four of a Kind.. Great Job
Many sources used to compose this chop.... well done nicely placed together and good idea here
Amazing flawless smooth work and smoochy mouth of Michelle most happiest man won the game with crazy face
Congratulations... First one I have ever added to my favorites folder. ; )
Congrats on the Gold Cup Win Jeremix. You had the winning hand
Thanks for the votes and the compliments and the adding to favs. Much appreciated.
Loved it (except for Michelle being an outside sunlit source...) but it was really really clever overall
Great chop. Lots of work Got. some gold for all the effort too
Thanks. Yeah, Michelle doesn;t really fit in well. Should have looked a little longer for a better source, but i needed to sleep.
Let us just pretend she generates her own light. Ha
This picture clearly depicts the truth and master mind behind the Illuminati.

Funny Obama Best Leader in World History

Obama Best Leader in World History
Some of this comes from anarchist news sources. Some of the main story is true some isnt can you tell the difference.
Member reactions:
This is the best April fools joke ever. Good one.
Good job in designing a near to real newspaper story
Obama must have mantelpiece of awards by now.

Funny Raining World Leaders In New York

Raining World Leaders In New York
Member reactions:
See Mr.Putin.... he is just falling from the sky... very funny to put all the world leaders in kids body good chop
This is hilarious look at him with Underwear dressing
Very Funny Nice rain to have Only for politics
Congrats pcrdds. what sort of umbrella do we need to keep dry from them.
The look cute and harmless, just like babies, but just as babies they may be full of cr4p. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Bob. Yeah...they sure are full of it.

Funny Two Ladies and a Rebel Leader

Two Ladies and a Rebel Leader
Member reactions:
Excellent to see both of them in this poster good lighting and clean job done
congratulations. Drlowry a woody is a goody.. ..omg i cant believe i said that,,,

Funny Political Leader Women in Sparta

Political Leader Women in Sparta
Appearing from top to bottom and left to right: Angela Merkel , Xena-Lucy Lawless, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, and Julia Gillard.
Member reactions:
Guys seem to be becoming sort of redundant... (handy for changing light bulbs though....taking out trash, heavy lifting ) Nice chop
I freaking love it. My favs here are Clinton and Merkel.
Awesome. Great to see Julia in there, like the roo's on the shield
Thanks all. Think it took the longest trying to find headshots that worked.
I made a chop for this but my wife wouldn't let me post it Nicely done, AZ.
Gongrats on the win, Rain, Spartaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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