Rolf Harris with a Kangaroo Painting
Rolf Harris with a Kangaroo Painting
Rolf Harris with a Kangaroo Painting. Rolf having fun with his roo.
Member reactions:
ha ha ha this is gonna big-time show pal inside ROOM

Funny Elephant Standing on a Kangaroo

Elephant Standing on a Kangaroo
Member reactions:
I just loved it, so nicely and gently placed
I hope no animals were hurt in making this chop

Funny Kangaroo Putting on Makeup

Kangaroo Putting on Makeup
it's not easy being a star
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Funny entry.Mirror reflection is quite good
Hahahahahha got to put this one on my dating list

Funny Killer Kangaroo in the Forest with an Axe

Killer Kangaroo in the Forest with an Axe
Member reactions:
I think he killed that tree
Trill horror suspense and HD quality chop. Fine detail and flawless, Good luck hidden
Something terrific happened. Deep mistery. Where does blood on his back come from . End of episode 1.

Funny Kangaroo Monster

Kangaroo Monster
forest monster
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Funny Steampunk Kangaroo

Steampunk Kangaroo
Member reactions:
This looks like the Hitmans work :0) but either way it's GREAT, EXCELLENT job
Good One. For some reason he reminds me of Wile E. Coyote.
I gotta dedicate this one to Mac and Kellie, our fearless sprites that work behind the scenes from down under. TY Retral, Pat, Evirio, Eric, MrVman, Armatien, Splatshot, Gary, Hobbit and Retral again.
Masterpiece . In some way looks like Vile Coyote at thr beginning of one of his adventures.
Indeed it does It is a critter mix of Roo, Bunny, dingo-ish and human I snipped it apart, added a few bits and reassembled. Very therapeutic
Creative as heck, and reminds me Wile E. Coyote too.
Congratulations on the Win Hitz. Damn....tough to beat you chopping this well.
This is the best yet, you're just plain amazing, congrats on a well deserved win.
Thanks so much, Bob, Retral. SplatShot, Doc and Newsey. Retral, it really isn't a question of cartooning but more of illustration. I do a lot of over painting and sampling on these images that move them more into the art category. I will see if I can put a video together on some techniques
Thanks for your answer hitspinner.Respect
You are most welcome. Thanks back and to Gummy, Elegary and Wanderer

Funny Kangaroo Fight Referee

Kangaroo Fight Referee

Funny KangaRoo Dundee

KangaRoo Dundee
Member reactions:
Very well done and cute as can be.
Great Image....Congratulations on breaking into the top 5.
BF.... Where you been. Good to see you back Top 5 congrats. Was a tough contest

Funny Kangaroo Riding a Bike

Kangaroo Riding a Bike
Yikes,,, wrong baby. Best View Source Images
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant fer surrre. Look at the eyes, hahahaa.
Thanks, I'm Happy you like it Hobbit. Grazie NewsMaster. All the better to see you with. oops... wrong fairy tale.
If the alien was in its pouch it would be perfect. Great job, too.
Awesome expression, these eyes gonna kill me with full of laughter
This is the double of mr. Bean on a bike.
Thanks much Mr. Vman I did consider the pouch. I wanted the Alien to be bloody and it just seemed a little too gory for my taste. Thanks Eric.... I do hope you survive. Thanks very much Evirio. Thanks Lu. Your right. Her expression does remind one of Rowan Atkinson.
Thanks Doc, retral, Bob, Geri and all who voted. You make this fun.
Yeah, you submitted a whopper too Funkwood used to do that to me all the time. I'd put a terrific chop together, couldn't loose, and then the last minute he'd drop a bomb on me hahahahaha It happens. You definitely deserve a first with this gem. Congrats. I'll tell you what, when they come to take our picture let's both hold up the cup.
Thanks very much Hobbit
Thanks Tim. One great contest. Cool...Fantastic Idea, I'll be right over for the photo opp. And half the prize money. By the way.. would I take a left in Albuquerque.
Thank you very much Wanderer and Elegary.
I think once you get to Albuquerque you turn straight up and head that away for a spell
Right in Albuquerque... Thanks Gumster.
thanks Newzy. Also thanks for the favorite and the pod.

Funny Kangaroos Working Out At The Gym

Kangaroos Working Out At The Gym
Member reactions:
Beast mode, hahaha. Bring out the beast in you.
I've met the one on the left before...I think. Ah heck I don't know. After a couple of beers they all look alike.
Supeeeer smooth
YIKES. Transgenders-Transhumans-Transtesticles-TransRoos...what next.
Congratulations Doc Paul. Classically Funny as always.
I have one of those blue balls..... uhhh that didn't come out right Great chop Doc and congrats on the cup. Some real lookers there, mate hahahahaha
Thanks, G-Man, Tim, hobbit, Andrew, Elegary and Gummy.

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