Jacko. Little Jimmy Higgins used to be just a cancer stricken little boy.

Funny Jacko Skeleton

Jacko Skeleton
in 2321, the museum curators couldn't explain the strange behavior of one of the skeletons in the children's wing of the 21st century exhibit. --Make sure you view full--
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Funny Jacko

Would you be mine. Could you be mine. Won't you be my neighbor. Won't you please, Won't you please. Please won't you be my neighbor.
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Jacko: often I feel like a kid. Sometimes I feel like two or three kids a night

Funny Jacko

Must be where he keeps his pedo-"files".
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Hee Hee Nice work.
Very cool (PS work, not schedule ). Love "search for nose".

Funny Wacko Jacko

Wacko Jacko
Oh, boys. Have wine, will seduce.
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Hilarious. You could have removed his nose as a "mishap" during cleaning.

Funny jacko

Jim and Hildy felt as if Michael was singing only to them..

Funny Pablo Jacko

Pablo Jacko
"Michael with Boy" (of course)
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Ditto Dogbite Great job on Michael's face.

Funny Clockwork Orange Poster with Jacko

Clockwork Orange Poster with Jacko
He likes a bit of the ultra-violence

Funny Peter Pan Jacko

Peter Pan Jacko
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This is a good entry/idea, though there is a "green glow" round some parts.
The only chop on this image is the face. I have seen this original before and it aint pretty (as if Jackson was..heh). UPDATE: This wasnt a knock on the submission, it was in defense that the original is a peter pan.
i love this pic i think it the funnist 1 send me pic of this

Funny Jacko Child

Jacko Child
After the mask slipped, Michael soon realized that he and Bubbles would have some explaining to do.

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