Isis MAD Magazine Cover
Isis MAD Magazine Cover
Isis MAD Magazine Cover. Mad Tribute.
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TY NM, Luciano, Balodiya and Hobbit. It was time for some softer satire
Like I've said before, Your work is TOPS. Congrats.
Ohhhh heeeey whhhhat the... Everyone commented at once . Okay, let's do this again properly. Thank you , Bob, Newsey, andwhat, XXOOHobbit, that was kind, Gummy, Doc, NM, Luciano, balodiya and Hobbit again. hehe that's better
OK that's better. I was wondering bout that ya know.

Funny Isis the Desecration of the Goddesses Name

Isis the Desecration of the Goddesses Name
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Impressive, especially in the original view.
Thanks guys... I am heartsick over this terrorist group.

Funny Barack Obama's Isis Military Strategy

Barack Obama's Isis Military Strategy
Time For Strategy From Obama On How To Deal With ISIS Scourge
Member reactions:
Super amount of super work here, hidden. I would, however reduce perhaps the saturation and contrast of "the game" so it will blend in better with the background. Also, realize, if it's at an angle, then the shadow on the bottom would be extended downward on the podium. JMO.
Interesting chop, revealed his strategic plans to world this must be from Snowden
Great chop... all the factors were well considered in the gadget... well made good luck

Funny Isis In Iraq

Isis In Iraq
Isis takes over Iraq
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You don't have nobama running away fast enough (argh).

Funny Cocoa Isis Digital Art

Cocoa Isis Digital Art
I drew this drawing in Adobe Photoshop CS5 for 17 hours.
Member reactions:
Really stunning-high marks in your future.
outstanding, lots of work on the tree details...
No, it's not freehand. I drew it with my tablet in Adobe Photoshop.
it's good to see other artists create from scratch in PS. Very good work.
Excellent job done here all the best dear
This is outstanding man. I am slave to your work. you got 10 from me... Love your details and everything.
Congratulations. You rang the FN bell with this entry.
that's truly fantastic work dear glad to see you again here .. big congrats on the gold and keep up the top works ..
Wonderful art, R-V. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Isis Digital Painting

Isis Digital Painting
Creation time: one week Software: Photoshop CS Hardware: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet, Canon 300D Real size: 12300 x 9000 pixels how this was done:
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6.88 to 8.7 Love the art, but 29 artist entered 15 voted, 4 voted fairly and 14 who entered didn't vote.
Full view is breathtaking - lots of work.
ale ... ... ... xx nice ..wonderful feeling... congratulations

Funny Isis Gee Leopard

Isis Gee Leopard
Member reactions:
Congrats Dudley, as Tony the Tiger would say, "It's great."
thanks guys. Pure luck, and a great source pic.
thanks guys. Super source picture, and a bucket of luck did for me.
Well done DD, here's to many more

Funny Isis Rises

Isis Rises
Plastic Surgeon advertising..
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Funny Trump's Plan to Defeat ISIS

Trump's Plan to Defeat ISIS
"In my first 30 days, my generals will deliver a plan to defeat ISIS."

Funny ISIS Killing Germs on Hillary Clinton with Glade Air Freshener

ISIS Killing Germs on Hillary Clinton with Glade Air Freshener
Member reactions:
You gonna need something stronger than Lysol. Perhaps a wooden stake, silver bullets.

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