Bindi Irwin with a Crocodile
Bindi Irwin with a Crocodile
Bindi Irwin with a Crocodile. Member reactions:
Crock is looking awesome with dress and packed luggage.... looks happy by the escape but sign post made him to think again good work on the sign post and the crow new avatar
Nice Job The Crocodile looks nice in the costume good idea
So cute little girl and beautifully dressed Crock with fancy stickers on its bag Lovely context and great quality work, Lovely idea
Thank. You. All. ...For the Wonderful Compliments.
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Funny Steve Irwin Playing with Pet Snakes

Steve Irwin Playing with Pet Snakes
Steve is playing with the kids. Little Ray, in his unattached baby-sling, is crying for his ma : where's she hiding.
Member reactions:
rules : "when celebrities and politicians carry them on their bodies." , I don't care it's a good chop. Gonna irritate some Steve-O fans though with the ray and all.
It is a great chop. A celebrity with babies.

Funny Steve Irwin and his Pet Crocodile

Steve Irwin and his Pet Crocodile
R.I.P. Mate
Member reactions:
Great Job, I would add some wet drops or spots on the T-Shirt to get the same feel as the face and hair..
Excellent Edit... It really makes a difference.. Good Luck
May be the croc could use a little burn effect to blend it in a little better. Maybe in his belly and tail region nearest to steve to give it a little depth and to cause a slight shadowed area being cast from steve since he's in the way of the light source I think. Just a thought.
Bindi turned ten this week, I reckon she'd like this
Congrats on the woody Jerry. I really liked this chop. Keep up the great stuff.
Jerry got wood again. Bad Boy. Congratulations
Congrats Jerry. Great chop and nice woody. Are you just happy to see me.

Funny Steve Irwin King of the Animals

Steve Irwin King of the Animals
Here's to you, Steve. Thanks for all the work you did to help and protect animals. We will miss you.
Member reactions:
Beautiful Tribute to the Crocodile man himself. Excellent execution, great idea. Well done.
Very excellent tribute. Looks as if Steve really was a part of the original painting.
here goes all my illutions to win , awsome execution. Vere well deserved tribute ti Steve. Just want to know how do u found that image. please link the original.
Another Great Image...So many good images in this contest, it's hard to vote...
Congratulations Tafkah, this indeed is a true winner. Steve would be proud.
Thank you very much, everyone. Farewell, Steve. Here you go, Skorpion.
Thank u so much Tafkah for the source, congratulations. This is a very well deserved tribute to Steve wich will remember us how lovely he was with every animal. His widow Terri and sons would love it. On 9/8/2006 9:30:44 AM, Tafkah said: Thank you very much, everyone. Farewell, Steve. Here you go, Skorpion.
Nice but it would be better with at least one croc.

Funny Steve Irwin with Snake

Steve Irwin with Snake
My childrens will remember him for a long time. SOURCE

Funny Steve Irwin Holding a Koala in a Dali Painting

Steve Irwin Holding a Koala in a Dali Painting
Still watching over the critters, even in the after-life. (Full View is Better.)
Member reactions:
In my opinion the best Steve Irwin tribute in the contest.
Beautiful. Crikey but we will miss Steve.

Funny Steve Irwin the Angel Hugging a Crocodile

Steve Irwin the Angel Hugging a Crocodile
The Rapture of the Crocodile Hunter (Original)
Member reactions:
very very nice work here, love the work on crocodile
Great source picture, and very well put together.
This just looks wrong to me. It seems a bit umm perverted.

Funny Steve Irwin and an Angel

Steve Irwin and an Angel
Member reactions:
The Crocodile Hunter, at peace... Stunningly serene, beautiful image. Excellent tribute image.
I agree with Midian. Very touching. His family would like this image.
he can rest now , he couldnt stop going as if he had to live his life to the fullest quick , llike he knew deep down he didnt have much time , SO R.I.P. sweet angel STVE~O ....your work is done & will live on in history forever.

Funny Steve Irwin Angel Feeding a Crocodile a Chicken

Steve Irwin Angel Feeding a Crocodile a Chicken
Steve is feeding the animals in a better place now, I bet. original

Funny Steve Irwin Hugging a Lion

Steve Irwin Hugging a Lion
In a world where people are afraid to show enthusiasm and emotion for fear of being mocked, Steve-o never gave it a second thought. He lived a life people can only secretly dream of by doing what he really loved and then sharing that love with anyone who was interested. In memory of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter February 22, 1962 - September 4th, 2006
Member reactions:
As soon as I mentioned this contest, my wife suggested this painting. I told her as well as you, brilliant idea for a Irwin tribute. Good Show.
Oh I just love this image, cause I think what is shown here says it all. In fact I'm not going to enter this contest. Beacause my idea of a tribute to Mr. Irwin is here in this picture. May you rest in Peace, Steve. We will miss you very much...
canvas filter look kind forced, but the tribute by itselfe are great
Powerful entry. Goodbye Steve, we will miss you

Funny Steve Irwin Tribute

Steve Irwin Tribute
Many of us admired Steve Irwin and enjoyed his TV programs and documentaries on wild life, and Steve's sudden death shocked millions of people worldwide. His passion for animals touched the hearts of many people, especially pet lovers. Steve Irwin lived and died doing what he loved the most. In this contest let us pay tribute to the "Crocodile Hunter" by photoshopping Steve Irwin and wild animals in famous paintings. Your painting entry has to include both Steve Irwin and at least one wild animal to qualify for this contest. An animal has to be a wild animal (no domesticated animals - e.g. no cats, dogs, or cows) and may be present in a painting source picture, or can be added there entirely by you. Steve Irwin has to be "in good light" in the entries - it is a tribute contest and we are not looking for "bad humor" here.

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