Hugh Laurie in Drag
Hugh Laurie in Drag
Hugh Laurie in Drag. Member reactions:
Thank You so much Friend.
I'd match the colors of the hand and the face/neck. Otherwise, very well done.

Funny Hugh Laurie as a Woman

Hugh Laurie as a Woman

Funny Hugh Laurie Frankenstein Monster

Hugh Laurie Frankenstein Monster
Member reactions:
The Housentein LIVES... but apparently the boob implantation was a failure. Great Picture My Friend.
Awesome.... the well use of lighting sources... and the stitches on his body was perfectly done... Great chop over all with a great Caricature
Choppers job a master piece stitches applied to person as being of a certain nature or afterlife
As long as you are not claiming that you created an already artistically treated source (if you did not) then no lines are really crossed, right. Problem is, a lot of people take elements of other's +++A work and act like they produced a chop with that level of skill and that is when the blank hits the fan. This looks familiar (I thought Funkwood) but there are quite a few pro level choppers that like this sort of style. It is well done.Best of luck
Yes, there is a bit of thievery in all of us Nice chop. I am glad it worked out.
Ah Yes...The Housenstein Monster... HE LIVES..... Well done my Friend.

Funny Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Hugh Jackman Neanderthal

Funny Frozen Neanderthal Hugh Laurie

Frozen Neanderthal Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:
love the effect of the ice cube. brilliant.
Fantastic idea and very well executed smart job done here

Funny Hugh Hefner Driving with Family

Hugh Hefner Driving with Family
Member reactions:
Nice concept but the source image used for Hefner's wife is not really his wife me thinks.

Funny Skinny Hugh Jackman

Skinny Hugh Jackman
Member reactions:
Great job done Like the way it has been executed lovely caricature and his lean hands and body is ...
Brilliantly done..victim of healthcare department
thanks for your comments guys

Funny Biology Book by Hugh Laurie

Biology Book by Hugh Laurie
Member reactions:
Hey... I can see his lovely cute little heart
How much does this book cost. Every pre-med student could use this one. Great Job.

Funny Hugh Laurie Riding a Motorcycle with Trainer Wheels

Hugh Laurie Riding a Motorcycle with Trainer Wheels
House comes to a surprising end
Member reactions:
Love those smaller bikes and the dwarfs like characters created, well done
Wonderful work here, its awesome merge with very nice concept
Hahaha, looks like House party is getting started. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Well done Paul, always clean wk from you.
Congrats pcrdds.. Not House........ Bwahahahahahahahhaahahh
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Ms. Kellie. Thanks, dd.
Thanks, PSM. Thanks, Bob. Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Eric.

Funny Hugh Laurie as a Woman

Hugh Laurie as a Woman
Member reactions:
Nice merge here, good finishing and looks so good with this composition.
Laurie looks good with this merge nice one
Look to the right of his chin, you will see the beard doesn't quite reach the jawline. Apart from that very small issue, good chop.
Good Job, Sources were perfectly matched.

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