Wanted For Eating Homework
Wanted For Eating Homework
Wanted For Eating Homework. In some cases, puppies will eat the homework. Wiggles is wanted for such a crime...
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A so sweet puppy...I'll forgive it everything
No one will return to you if found, since so cute and adorable little criminal is very lovely

Funny Jean Renoir Doing Homework

Jean Renoir Doing Homework
(Renoir's son)
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Sweeeeeeeeeet. But I'd apply the "painting" filter to the background so it doesnt look like a photo and matches the foreground
no video games til you finish your homework.

Funny Kids Doing Their Homework

Kids Doing Their Homework
This photo was taken inside our Study Room with my friends. this guy on my right his so cool, and on my back oohh she's so pretty...were just doing some stuff...and I hope you like our photo. edited now. thanks
Member reactions:
Now THAT's clever. Quality entry. Looking at it again, tho, the perspective of pictures on L wall is off. All your other lines converge in middle of doorway about 2/3 of the way up from floor. Easy to fix this with Perspective or Skew transforms.
Great idea and perspective, great execution, out of the box... i love it. The kid at the left need to have darker edges at the side of his shadow on the wall. This is just awsome.
Love how you "shrunk" the room. Cool kids too... very clever. Applause.
The door at the end of the room is especially well done. How old are you.
woahh. Excellent job, really an out of the box thinking here. Keep It Up
This is so fantastic and with the edition look great even it need yet more darker at the neck (left side). Well done
. thanks everyone for kind comments/suggestions and votes.
I don't get it...is this another room. This isn't "out of the box" as they say...this is a whole nother box imo.

Funny Boy Gets Marijauna For Finishing Homework

Boy Gets Marijauna For Finishing Homework
Mom treats boy with marijuana after finishing his homework.
Member reactions:
Weed: It's what's for an afternoon snack.

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